5 Different Types of Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

The UAE is a country that is full of opportunities. It is home to some of the most modern, luxurious structures in the world, and it has one of the largest economies in the region. If you are looking for work, there’s no shortage of opportunities available here. One industry that has seen immense growth over recent years is the law – lawyers in Abu Dhabi have become ever more popular as people seek advice on everything from family disputes to company incorporations. That being said, with so many different types of lawyers out there, how do you know which type suits your needs? In this post, we will discuss different types of Lawyers in Abu Dhabi:

Different Types of Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

General Lawyers: These are your average, everyday lawyers. They can deal with all types of cases and will help you in almost any legal matter that you come across.

Corporate Lawyers: This type of lawyer specializes in the law involving corporations – from incorporations to mergers and acquisitions. A corporate lawyer can help you if you’re a company looking to buy another company or even an investor trying to invest in a corporation.

Criminal Lawyers: As the name suggests, these types of lawyers specialize in criminal law – everything from drug charges and assault cases all the way down to traffic violations. If you need legal advice on your criminal case, you want a criminal lawyer.

Family Lawyers: These lawyers specialize in marriage and divorce cases as well as other family law matters. They are also adept at handling child custody issues or spousal support agreements. If you’re looking for legal assistance with a family matter, call up your local family lawyer today!

Entertainment Lawyers: These lawyers are often called upon to help celebrities with any legal matters that may arise from their business or personal ventures. They can also be involved in negotiating contracts for work, handling copyright infringement claims, and more. If you’re a famous actor or musician who needs some assistance behind the scenes, consider hiring an entertainment lawyer.

With the knowledge that there are different types of lawyers in Abu Dhabi, you can better decide which lawyer would work best for your specific needs. As a result, you will be able to save time and money by knowing exactly what type of legal help is needed before contacting someone.