A guide to selecting the best uniform options for your restaurant and waitstaff business

Are you planning to open a restaurant in your city? Have you decided the type of market you will be catering? Regardless of that, are you making sure that each staff member is following the safety guidelines? And most importantly, are they wearing uniforms?

This seems like a lot of question but believe me, its not. In fact, its bare minimum to what the questions are when someone is aiming to open a restaurant or an eating joint. Now that you have reached to a consensus about finalizing everything related to your restaurant, have you hired a professional staff to keep your restaurant afloat? And if your answer is a firm yes, then have you bought uniforms for them?

When it comes to launching a restaurant for your customers, proper restaurant and waitstaff uniforms are a great way to boost your brand’s identity and your business image to your customers. They help you create an effect and allow you to establish clear business objectives.

Along the lines of boosting your brand’s image and visibility to the customers, custom restaurant and waitstaff uniforms also create a positive image for your business. Your customers would want hygiene and safety protocols being followed in your restaurant. They would also to easily locate the staff without any difficulty, and uniforms can do that.

Choosing the best uniforms for your restaurant directly reflects on the message you are sending to your customers and your competitors. It also greatly depends on the type of customers you are targeting towards your restaurant business.

While we agree that choosing restaurant uniforms can be easy, don’t rush into finalizing one for your business. Take your time and look into options. There are also some other aspects that you should look into when choosing restaurant uniforms. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Follow the theme

If you have been to several restaurants and eating joints across the United States, you would know what Im talking about. Every restaurant follows a specific theme which caters into their uniforms, restaurant decorations, and etc. Just like there are a myriad of dishes your customers can select from, there are quite a lot of restaurant styles available in the market.

Choose your restaurant’s uniforms according to the market you are serving. For instance, your restaurant might be catering to families, high-end customers, teenagers, or a mixture of everything. Depending on that, you should go for uniforms.

Consider this example, if your restaurant is targeting high-end customers, you may want your staff to wear proper suit with tie and oxford shoes. And if you are targeting families with children, polo shirts with dress pants or jeans would do the trick. For restaurants that are engaging the youth, you may want your staff to be wearing vibrant colored uniforms preferably dress shirts, jeans, and a pair of oxford boots.


  1. Branding is the key

When choosing restaurant uniforms for your staff, consider all the aspects of marketing and branding. Do you have an interesting slogan, a colorful artwork or logo that you want your audience to see? If the answer is yes, then you may want to get that embroidered on the uniforms.

There are many restaurants following the same suit. One of the most prominent being Macdonalds. Their iconic M logo is embroidered neatly on staff uniforms, and anyone from a distance could see and predict that he/she is a worker from Mcdonalds. That is the power of promotional branding.

  1. Your restaurant’s image is as important as the uniforms

When you are selecting uniforms for your restaurant and waitstaff, ask yourself what type of image will be you presenting to your audinece? One important aspect that many businesses complete ignore is the fact that restaurant uniforms create a strong connection between the customers and the waiters.

Imagine your restaurant has no uniform and all of your staff are wearing casual clothes. In no way or shape would your customers be able to determine which one is the server and which is not. This is where restaurant uniforms step in and allow the customers to make smooth interaction in the most efficient manner.

If you have any questions about the type of uniforms you should be selecting, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the description box below.