Dog Daycare. Find Some Answers Before You Decide!

For busy dog owners, who don’t want to leave their furry little one home all day, dog daycare is the best option. But finding the best one isn’t easy at all! You can’t trust anyone with the pup, here are some tips for finding out the best DTLA doggie daycare.

1# Have You Checked the Facilities?

It is the first thing that should be on your agenda. You should ask the dog daycare or manager for the tour. It is good to find out in what environment your dog will be moving out? Is it clean and properly sanitized? You should also learn about the safety precautions that the owner has put in place. Concrete fences are better than chain link ones as with chain-link fences. The dogs can see each other as they might try to fight through the fence. However, having a fence is an important feature that you should look and necessarily the type of fence. The other features are important too. Ventilation is essential so ensure that your pup gets the fresh air through the open doors or a free exchange system. When the fencing is proper, make sure that the facilities have fencing, and it is strong enough to resist the weight of the dog and high enough to keep the adventurous dogs from jumping. The gating should be proper as it provides a space for the dog to get used to the play area before it mingles with other pups inside and also improves the safety.

2# Is Your Pup In The Right Company?

In any large doggy daycare, the dogs are grouped in different playrooms based on several kinds of factors. In some facilities, the dogs are kept in one room while the others like to separate the dogs on the size, behaviour, and play style as it is essential. It is best to keep your pup safe even if your pup plays with larger breed dogs at the local park. In dog daycare, the environment is very different things. In a dog park, the dog can run and escape, but it is not possible in the daycare environment.

3# Are There Enough People to Take Care of The Dog?

It is essential to find out how well the dog daycare is staffed. You should ask the dog daycare owner about the possible state guidelines. It is recommended that a ratio of 15-dogs per one human is a safe standard. If the group of dogs is active, then a low number of dogs is advised. Similarly, when the dogs are less active, the staffer can handle more dogs.

4# What Kind of Activities are Conducted?

When you are at the dog daycare find out about the activities, the dog will go throughout the day. Are they providing any training? The changes in the behaviour of your pup are visible when it is getting trained daily. The trained dogs behave better as the trainer works closely on it.

5# What About Your Pup Playing with Toys?

Some dogs are very aggressive with the other dogs when they are protecting a toy which belongs to them. If you know that your pup will not share its toys with the other dogs, you should inform the daycare staffers so that they will be careful with the pup.

It is also essential to find out how DTLA doggie daycare you will decide on will treat your pup with rewards. If your dog shows aggressive behaviour around food or if he has a special diet of any kind, it should be brought to the notice of daycare.