Essential Tips to Help You Protect Your Car Upholstery For a Long Time

Now that you have purchased the latest Lexus, and with more than a few trims, guess that’s it, right? Wrong, especially if you are planning to use that car for more than a few years. Long life and durability sound good on paper but the issue is that unless you take adequate care and maintenance of your car, it’s bound to fall apart in a few. Remember, the ‘new car’ look, wouldn’t you want your car to retain the same, for a long duration? Well, a simple car wash is not going to do much but that’s why you need to check out these tips as they relate to taking care of your interior as well. 

  • Blocking the sunlight: When it comes to taking care of your car, the first thing, that you need to do as a car owner is to either park it in a shade or block the sunlight as you park it. Depending on your trims, which your dealer would have explained to you as you signed the purchase documents, most cars come with multiple trims. Think of trims as additional features, specifications that differ from one model to the other. So depending on your choice, your car is bound to come with sunshades. Use it,  as you park the car and cover your seats with a few old clothes. One of the main reasons is that strong and prolonged exposure to UV radiation can cause your leather seats to dry up and become cracked in the process. Apart from this, they can cause the interior to fade, as well. Of course, you can always check online for Sydney motor trimmers and call up one of the contractors. But a better option would be to take preventive measures and to park your car always in the shade.
  • Crack the windows open: Sounds like a doozy, since that’s almost like an invitation to a car thief. But no one is asking you to open your windows, all the way but just a crack to cool the interior down. You need to remember that during summer, temperatures can bit the 90’s quite easy, and in cars, with all windows closed, it can climb to 110 F. This can result in damage to your interior – apart from causing your leather seats to dry out and fall apart, it can also cause the paint to fade as well. That’s why you always must leave the windows slightly open to cool the interior rather than let it continue to back under the sun.
  • Do not consume food and drinks in the car: If you truly care about your car’s upholstery, then you would not let anyone consume any food or drinks in the car for obvious reasons. Consuming food in the car would eventually lead to food spillage. And cleaning up the mess, stains, and removing the smell from the vehicle is not bound to be easy either. Chances are that you would have to use chemical cleaners to get rid of the smell, as well as the underlying stains. In the process, you are bound to end up damaging the upholstery as well as your leather seats. Here’s a tip: do not consume food while being seated in your vehicle.
  • Keep the carpet clean: You must have noticed how often people track sand, mud, gravel, and even dirt onto your car carpets. Can you imagine how hard it would be to clean them? And that’s why it would make sense to use rubber mats, since that would effectively protect your car carpets from all the rough wear and tear, as a result of your passengers. Just remember to take out the rubber mats each day, and shake out all the dust before placing them back on top of the carpets.

These are some of the essential tips that you need to check out, to protect your car seats and upholstery from further prolonged damage.