Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Home

In these times of crisis following covid-19, confinement, and partial unemployment, do you want to find new ways to earn money from home or create your own professional activity?

Good news, there are many trades that you can do at home with the microenterprise status. Find out about income-generating activities at home to increase your income. Whether you are telecommuting from your home, on short-time working, looking for jobs, studying or retired.

These days, many people are taking advantage of confinement to train and improve their professional skills. Likewise, children who cannot go to school need academic support.

There is a real demand in the education sector and therefore an opportunity for you to enter the market and make money from this professional activity.

If you have advanced knowledge in a particular field, specific subjects and you like to share your knowledge, now is the time to become a private tutor or online trainer.

The advantage is that anyone can become a trainer or private teacher, as long as you master your subject. The activity in micro-enterprise does not require any diploma, however, you will have to show parents and your students that you are qualified.

To do this, you can highlight subjects that you have studied in higher education, skills that you have mastered for several years, etc. Thus, it is a guarantee of confidence that will make it easier for you to find new students.

So, Let’s Talk About How you can make money from home.

1. Becoming a freelance

Becoming a freelance is what many formerly salaried web developers, web designers, or coders do. Indeed, a microenterprise is very suitable for these types of services.

Especially since at this time, many companies may need your skills to face the health crisis of covid-19 and the reduction in the number of employees present.

What we like as a freelancer is a possibility of working as we see fit. So you choose your hours, your rates, and who you work with. And as a bonus, it is even possible to choose where to to work, at home on your sofa, in your garden, or any other place with an Internet connection.

Again, there are many matchmaking sites that can help you find customers by completing your profile as best as possible. In return, some platforms are paid, while others take a commission on each of the missions you carry out. This is to know before you register.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
2. Test websites and applications

Ideal for those who want extra income by completing 10 to 30-minute tasks. In particular, testing websites and applications by giving feedback, reporting bugs, etc.

3. Become a web editor or blogger

Web writing or blogging is particularly interesting if you master the English language in general and natural referencing.

These content creation jobs can be carried out in a micro-enterprise / freelance and are also compatible as a secondary activity to generate additional income. Especially since brands and influencer blogs regularly seek writers to produce high added-value content.

However, while it is common to read on the Internet that anyone can do web writing or blogging, I tend to say that not everyone is cut out for these jobs. First of all, it’s important to master a topic, to know exactly what you’re talking about to captivate readers and produce quality content that meets their needs.

Second, it is essential to know the basics of natural referencing to attract visitors and generate potential income.

In order to find clients in web writing, you can count on:

  • Malt
  • 404 work
  • Scribe Textbroker
  • Greatcontent and Woizi .
  • Generally, the remuneration is carried out either by the task (freelance) or by the number of words.
4. Make money from home with professional business consulting activities

Business consulting brings together countless professions, both liberal and commercial. It is therefore quite possible to work at home in the fields of communication, marketing, business strategy, SEO and business management.

This is why freelancers in these sectors are generally referred to as B2B consultants. That is to say that a company uses their service on a regular basis or not. The advantage is that you will not have to move since many tools today allow you to work completely remotely (telework).

On the freelance platform side we find:

5. Sell your creations

You are used to creating things, sewing, creating websites, or taking photographs, etc. In short, you spend your time of confinement to creation.

Instead of all this taking up space in your home, sell your designs online. Now is the perfect time to get started as an independent entrepreneur and round off your ends less.

Once again there is no shortage of sites to sell all this:

  • Esty
  • Leconcoin
  • Makerist
  • Wissew (sewing pattern)
  • Patreon (music industry)
  • Facebook marketplace


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