Types Of Birthday Celebrations From Around The World

Birthdays are extremely special for people since it’s the most valuable and meaningful day in their life. For some, birthdays are simply about growing older, while it’s an opportunity that deserves celebration for others. Regardless of what people’s views are, it is the time when people receive endless attention from everyone. However, birthday celebrations in various parts of the world are not your usual ones. Some nations have multiple traditions and rituals around birthdays. Let’s go through some of them:

Vietnam Birthday

This nation is renowned for being amongst the most toured nations with Hanoi being a utopia for shopaholics. However, not everyone knows that this nation has an unusual birthday culture. Everyone in Vietnam celebrates their birthday on New Year’s Day or Tet, in spite of their real birth date. People celebrate their birthday with everyone in Vietnam and commemorate with everybody. Children receive specialized treatment since they get money from their parents in a red cover, called ‘Li Xi’ or Lucky Money. Like India, where you get online cake delivery in Noida or any other city in Vietnam as well, it is a similar case.

Mexico Birthday

Mexican birthday festivities are renowned for being magnificent and filled with entertainment. The most entertaining custom commemorated in the ‘Fiestas’ is beating the pinata, a paper mache article filled with confectionery. The Mexican fiesta holds everything from the pinata, conventional meals like tacos, and a birthday cake. People in Mexico prefer sumptuous feasts and honor their fifteenth birthday with eccentric spirit and enthusiasm, called Quinceanera.


In this country, people are renowned for owning a great sense of humor and relish having fun. The Birthday Boy or Girl is embraced by their friends and family, who then have a session of throwing flour on them. Interestingly, the birthday boy or girl is then immerse in water, so it becomes challenging to get freed from the flour. Unlike the typical ritual where people order cake online in Mumbai, Chandigarh, Delhi, etc. in India and smash the birthday girl or boy’s face with cake.


In Brazil, birthdays are a considerable matter! When it’s somebody’s birthdays, their family adorns the home with blossoms, multicolored papers, and pennants. There is an entire table dedicate to desserts, sweets, and delicious treats. The middle of the table accommodates a delightful and palatable cake, encircled by several kinds of desserts. Another tradition is giving the initial piece to the most important person in the life of the birthday girl, boy, or person.


When bachelor men turn 30, in Germany, they go to the front steps of the Town Hall or Church and clean them. The birthday boy cleans the steps while friends keep on messing it. Admittedly, that seems harsh! On the other hand, kids commemorate their birthdays with cake and candles. Indeed, a tradition children would want in our country as well.


In Norway, the whole class will celebrate your birthdays by singing the pleasant Norwegian’s Birthday song and dance along, if your birthday occurs on a typical school day. Also, there is a custom in this country to consume delicious chocolate cake on birthdays, and you receive the chance to organize your birthday celebration in spite of your age.


Since the Australian climate is generally warm, the bulk of the birthdays commemorations are barbeque feasts. Though the birthdays party beget a cake, they additionally include an unusual specialty called the fairy bread, which the birthday boy or girl cannot escape.

Since cakes continue to be a significant element of each birthdays, it does not matter where it is celebrated. Birthdays celebrated in any part of the world have certain things in common. They mark another milestone, spread joy and happiness, and you get to feast on a delicious cake. So, whatever your birthdays celebration style, make them more fun and entertaining with delicious cake delivery in Gurgaon Mumbai, Delhi, etc.