Which mediclaim policy is best for senior citizens?

All financial experts opine that to cope up with incessant skyrocketing medical costs, a medical insurance plan is the best way out. Nowadays, you can easily buy a medical insurance policy online, with just a few clicks on your smartphone or laptop. It is more important for senior citizens who are more prone to health disorders. All you need to do is to compare medical insurance plans online, do thorough research and proceed to buy. Here, we will discuss some of the best mediclaim plans that are ideal for senior citizens.Top health insurance plans for senior citizens

Star Health Red Carpet Plan
This plan offers extensive entry coverage with a flexible entry coverage of 65-70 years. The premium rate ranges between INR. 4500 and INR. 18000 (excluding service tax). It covers all related hospitalisation charges; pre-and post-hospitalization costs up to 7%; covers ambulance costs, provided the treatment is conducted exclusively under network hospitals.

It even covers domiciliary treatments; no prior medical screening is necessary. Pre-existing ailments are covered from the initial year and the waiting period is 30 days. It offers a direct and hassle-free in-house settlement. The customer care service is commendable.
National Insurance Varistha Mediclaim Plan

Noted for being one of the most reasonable health plans, it is a very popular policy. The mediclaim premium ranges between INR. 4000 and INR. 7000 and for critical illnesses, it runs approximately from INR. 2000- INR. 2200. All hospitalization charges, including boarding, ICU, medicine, blood, oxygen, etc., including domiciliary charges, are covered. It even covers organ donor costs and certain critical illnesses. On paying an extra 10% premium, pre-existing ailments are covered right from the beginning. The entry age is from 60 to 80 years.

Oriental Insurance HOPE

Ideally designed for people above 60 years, it offers extensive coverage including certain specific diseases. The premium value ranges between INR. 4500 and INR. 29000. It covers all hospitalization costs including ambulance costs, OT charges, oxygen, blood, etc. The costs of a pacemaker, artificial limbs, prosthetic devices, consumables, drugs also come under the purview of the plan. You can even enjoy domiciliary hospitalization and offer an extra discount on voluntary co-payment of premium.

Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Plan

The major highlight of this plan is that it covers both the policyholder and the spouse together. The premium amount ranges approximately between INR. 2000 and INR. 30000. The entry and exit age limit is from 46 years and 70 years, respectively. It covers the amount equivalent to 3% of the total admissible hospitalization costs, including pre-and post-hospitalization charges. The ambulance costs up to INR. 1000 are covered here. The pre-existing ailments are covered from the second year of the beginning of the plan. It offers a family discount of up to 5%. You can enjoy a copayment waiver by paying an extra premium. The premium paid enjoys tax benefits under Section 80D of the IT Act. 

These are some of the best health insurance policies that focus on the treatment of senior citizens under the best conditions. But, you must ensure to reveal all the facts correctly while buying the plan.