Plot for sale in Nest City Islamabad

NEST City Islamabad

NEST City Islamabad is a planned residential community in Pakistan’s Wah Taxila. All of the latest conveniences that one would expect in state-of-the-art homes are accessible here. National Engineering Science and Technology City (NEST city) is an acronym for National Engineering Science and Technology City. It will provide people with all of the amenities they desire without isolating them from city life. It is located on the outskirts of the Taxila region, in a lush green hilly environment. You will enjoy both the comforts of modern living and the serenity of nature.
3000 acres of land are set aside for residential use. Other 600 acres could be used to construct educational institutions, like medical colleges, engineering and agricultural universities , schools colleges and universities and a combined force cadet colleges. Capital city Islamabad has a top-of-the-line hospital currently construction.

Within The NEST City’s Nest Housing Scheme that is situated within The City Wah Cantt there are parks, playgrounds and swimming pools, as various sports facilities. In this blog we will examine every element of NEST City. NEST City housing scheme which is targeted specifically for those living inside the society housing, as the masterplan they have for the area. It including the information about the NOC and the lavish amenities that are available in NEST City.

NEST City Wah Cantt Developers :

Every NEST town across the country is dedicated to providing the best quality services to public employees. Private employees and those employed by the government , as and the people of all walks of life across the globe. For those living in the suburban area the majority of housing plans that are offered by NEST City provide free Wi-Fi for healthcare, education WiFi transportation, education, and transport. The NWS uses Smart Housing, a program for smart homes. NEST city Islamabad can be accessible for purchase of.

More than 3000 acres are set aside for residential use The remaining 600 acres will be used as educational institutions such as agricultural universities, medical colleges, engineering colleges schools universities, universities, universities, together with forces cadet schools. The NEST City of Islamabad there is an international-standard hospital being developed. In the NEST City Islamabad, there are playgrounds, parks and swimming pools, and other sports venues.