Is SEO necessary today? My opinion!

In this piece of article, I would like to speculate on the topic of search engine optimization of sites and blogs, whether it is necessary SEO at all and whether it is worth spending your precious time on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or a lot of money on paying for the services of specialists in this field. By the way, if you are a beginner and still poorly oriented in SEO, then I recommend that you read my post, ” SEO Sheffield. ”

In recent years, we have often heard various inadequate (in my opinion) statements from distant people that SEO will soon die, search engine optimization is no longer needed, and specialists in this field will no longer be in demand. But is it so?

In this article, I want to express my opinion on this topic. If you disagree with me on something and think differently, you are welcome to the comments’ discussions. I want to say right away that, in my understanding, SEO is not buying links for a higher ranking of a resource and not various attempts to influence search results. Such methods are already ineffective and practically do not work! For me, SEO is actions aimed at improving the site in the eyes of search engines, eliminating technical errors, working on the convenience and quality of your resource, and working on attracting new visitors, subscribers, and customers.

What is included in website optimization?

And so, here is my vision of the work of a specialist in site optimization for search engines. It is what SEOs need to work on.

Any site owner should know these points before ordering such services.

Internal optimization

Its works on the correct site setup. Internal optimization is the most critical task for an optimizer, which must be performed ideally before proceeding with its external optimization and traffic attraction. Next, I will describe four primary functions of the internal optimization of any Internet resource.

  1. Semantics

Any resource should have a semantic core, except for some news and other similar projects. Should give optimization and promotion of pages from the semantic heart special attention. It doesn’t matter if you advertise on these pages or sell something; if they have traffic from search engines, it will bring quite tangible benefits.

Therefore, each entrepreneur (company, just a webmaster, etc.) must decide on the semantics before creating a website and filling it. Without this, the site will not be useful. Analysis of competitors, selecting queries, and compiling a semantic core are essential services of optimizers that will always be in demand! At this stage, the future project’s effectiveness is determined, plans for its development are drawn up, the budget for the promotion is calculated, and other most important tasks are solved.

  1. Usability and design

Many people believe that the creation of high-quality designs is the work of designers, only they are engaged in this, and the customer’s task is to draw up a technical study. Perhaps this is true; however, before ordering a design or choosing a template for a CMS, it is necessary to develop the site’s structure and its usability (ease of use). The designer needs to indicate the form of the resource, what elements should be used on the site, what and where should be located, etc. Also, after creating a design (layout), it needs to be laid out. The code that will be on the future site should also be optimized. Most layout designers are familiar with the basic requirements for optimization. However, it will not be superfluous to check the whole thing with a competent SEO specialist.


  1. Optimization of site pages

Every page, especially a commercial site (selling something), should have a PURPOSE! If you want to promote it in the “search,” each page of the site must respond to a specific user request and, if possible, fully satisfy this request. Ideally, each selling or subscribing page should be optimized for the user’s particular request and aimed at its action (buy, subscribe, etc.). Working on page performance is a straightforward task of good SEO. After all, an SEO specialist must make the page relevant to specific search queries and get the maximum effect from it. If you think that a beautiful and high-quality design of pages and their code, the correct arrangement of elements, high-quality content is not the task of an SEO specialist, then you are deeply mistaken. Behavioral ranking factors. Which directly depends on all of the above and significantly impacts the position of pages in search results. Click