What Are Some Good Content Marketing Companies?

Content marketing is essential for every business today. The probability of a business to thrive, let alone survive, is very low without a powerful content marketing strategy. Brands look for companies that have an excellent record of content marketing and have good feedbacks from their clients.

You can find several companies that offer content creation and content marketing services. Choosing a reliable and professional company for achieving business goals without risking your time and moneyis where the real challenge lies. So here is a list of top companies who are known for their top-notch services. Let’s have a look!


It is a full-service agency that provides content marketing services. Brafton was established in 1988, and its offices are in New Zealand, Australia, and America.

They focus on both content creation and content strategy. Brafton’s mission statements explain how they deal with their clients, and it says, “We tell your story in a way that will resonate with your audience through all the right channels. Our holistic services allow us to craft a highly specialized strategy that targets your unique needs and pain points.”

Their team of professionals designs and writes emails, blogs, articles, case studies, white papers, and other content related stuff. They also have a blog where they discuss everything related to content.


Brandpoint utilizes the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) for structuring the process of content marketing and dividing it into four stages; analyzing, evaluating, creating, measuring, and optimizing.

The agency has good reviews by all of its clients because they help them develop, design, and implement content solutions.

Their uniqueness is that in 2015 they launched their own software as a service content marketing platform known as BrandpointHUB. The platform helps to streamline the processes of content creation and collaboration.

Column Five

It is a creative content agency that is located in Costa Mesa, CA. It has a satellite office in Brooklyn, New York. It was established in 2008, and today it has a staff of over 40 people.

Their team is known for creating various types of content. Moreover, they provide web development services and data visualization, brand strategy, and so much more. Column Five is popular for its interactive design.

Content Harmony

They focus on the development and promotion of targeted content via search engine optimization, paid media, and email outreach.

The company was established in Seattle in 2009, and now its staff is working remotely in different parts of the United States.

Aside from offering content marketing services, the agency introduced its software for the same purpose, i.e., content marketing, in order to streamline the process of content research.

Eucalypt Media

Eucalypt Media is serving leading brands since 2006. They have been developing powerful content strategies since they made their appearance in the market. It is based in Jacksonville, FL. Moreover, the company works with veteran designers, videographers, and designers for developing content assets and building content strategies for their customers.

Eucalypt Media won the award of Top Corporate Communications PR Firm and Marketing and Advertising Global Leader presented by Clutch Research back in 2018.


Fractl’s headquarter is in Delray Beach, FL, and has offices in Leeds, UK. It is known as a hundred person content marketing agency that has been catering to clients for six years. Their content services include case studies, blogs, infographics, video, data journalism, interactive content, etc.

They conduct in-depth research for the content they are tasked to produce. This is why their clients love them. They have industry professionals onboard, which is another plus for a company like Fractl. The agency knows the market trends and modern-day requirements of customers, and because they have in-depth knowledge of tools that can help achieve desired goals, they are always ahead of their competitors.

Influence & Co.

The company is based in Missouri and has been serving its clients with high-quality content services. They have a full-service team of dedicated individuals who never fail to surprise their clients. The proof is that it has been Content Marketing Award Agency of the Year finalist three. They develop content that helps businesses target their customers and achieve their goals through a robust content marketing strategy.

Choosing any of the above-mentioned marketing companies will help you acquire a top standing in the digital world. It is crucial that you make the right choice because the wrong decision can turn the odds against you, bringing you close to your downfall, something you do not want.