3 Things Thin Hair Young ladies Should Do

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Thin fine hair can be pesky and difficult to manage. While thin hair is largely related to genetics, there are things you can do regularly that make thin hair prone to damage and breakage. 

The good news is that you can do a few things about thin hair. Below are three things women with thin hair should do. You will see a significant difference between these three things. 

  • Avoid Tangles Like The Plague 

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Avoid tangles if you have thin hair 

When you already have thin hair, you don’t want to lose more because of vigorous combing. The issue is that thin hair is more prone to static and wind, two primary causes of tangling. Tangle teaser and hairspray, both staples in the style arsenal of a thin-haired girl, can also create significant tangling.

Loading up on a conditioner sounds like the obvious solution; however, heavy conditioners are known to weigh down the strands, thereby wiping out natural bounce. 

Detangle before shower; it will help save your strands because dry hair is stronger than wet hair. 

Don’t go overboard with the conditioner, and ensure that you only apply it towards the ends instead of the roots. A conditioner flattens the roots, so it’s best to skip it.

Sleep with a loose braid to prevent tangles. 

  • Make The Most Of Your Haircut 

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Make the most out of your haircut 

It is a common misconception that women with thin hair cannot pull off a certain hairstyle. With a little effort, you can pull off any style, from long hairstyles to bobs. 

For women with bob haircuts, layers are the best way to add volume. Layers provide a fuller look, and styling is quite easy. Use a blowdryer and lift the roots-this is one of the fastest ways to achieve volume or wear halo hair extensions. They are seamless and really easy to install and are available in a variety of lengths and colors. 

Ask your hairdresser for additional tips to style your thin hair. 

  • Keep A Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve 

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Check out these tricks to make your thin hair look thicker 

There are a plethora of tricks that can fix your thin hair issues. Here are a few proven tricks to keep in your arsenal. 

  • Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is your best friend. Thin hair is prone to become greasy quickly since there isn’t enough of it to absorb the amount of oil produced by your head. Washing your hair frequently results in damage. 

Dry shampoo keeps your hair grease-free and also adds body to your roots when teased. 

  • Lift The Roots 

Blowdrying your thin hair upside down is the fastest way to add volume, but make sure you comb it beforehand to avoid tangles. Blowdry on the cool setting to prevent heat damage. 

  • Keep Texture In Mind 

It isn’t easy to make straight, thin hair hold curls regardless of how much heat is used. Spritzing hair with a texturizing spray before blow-drying makes a huge difference to thin hair.

  • Wear Halo Hair Extensions 

Unlike clip-in hair extensions, halo hair extensions work well for women with thin hair mainly because the extensions do not need to be attached to the roots. Halo extensions come with a seamless string that is easy to install and remove. 

These are three things thing hair ladies should do to add volume to their hair. Follow these three simple things mentioned above and see the results for yourself.