Every Question You have About Scrap Metal Recycling Answered

Did you know you could turn that pile of trash (soda cans, worn-out metal spoons etcetera) into some cash? Instead of leaving them to rot away in your backyard, why not give them new meaning by selling them to organizations who engage in scrap metal recycling? At least they stop being nuisances in your backyard and at the same time, you earn some money off them as well. Especially in aluminium recycling Blacktown, Australia.

However, things can go sideways if you’re not well versed in this kind of business. If this is something you’d like to do for a while, then you should understand all there is to know about scrap metal recycling.

Thankfully, we’ve gone through the ends of the internet to compile answers to every possible question you’re likely to have about scrap metal recycling into this blogpost. Keep reading to understand more and have your curiosity satisfied.

What kinds of metal can be recycled?

Any kind of metal. Both ferrous and the non-ferrous kind. Ferrous being those rich in iron (like steel or your stainless steel) and non-ferrous being those without iron (like aluminium, tin, copper, lead and so on). By selling them, you can turn all that junk in your backyard to gold.

What kinds of objects do I place under ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal?

We’re pretty sure you have a mixture of both in your backyard. However, agents buy these scrap metals as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Here is a breakdown on what to do down below:

  1. Ferrous metals

Ferrous metals are scrap metals whose iron composition is more than 50%. It doesn’t matter if they’re alloys or not. They just have to have more than 50% iron. You can also separate them by using a magnet (seeing as iron sticks to a magnet more than the others). Objects like your stainless steel spoons, worn-out frying pans, ceiling fan motors, transformer parts, some electric circuit casing are all scrap metals you can sell at a good price to the agents.

  • Non-ferrous metals

On the other hand, non-ferrous scrap metals are those metals with no iron in their composition. Very good examples are soda cans, tin cans, aluminium pots, worn-out copper wires, and copper tubing. All these metals are well priced on the market.

How do I go about (scrap metal recycling)?

It’s as simple as it gets. All you need to do is dress up (put on some protective clothing), get you container ready (where you put your metal), and go hunting. Once you’re done, take all your merchandise to any local scrap yard near you. Once this is done, then you can go towards negotiating a deal for your stuff.

What should I wear when collecting scrap metal?

During your expedition for collecting scrap metal, you might want to cover as much skin as you can. DO NOT go outputting on a T-shirt on some jean shorts with flip flops. If you do, you’re likely to get injured on the job. Since you’re going to be dealing with a lot of sharp-edged metals, you might want to leave less of your skin exposed to the danger.

What precautions should I take when collecting scrap metal?

Don’t be deceived, scrap metal collection can turn into a nightmare for those who aren’t fully prepared for the worst that could happen. Now, what’s the worst that could happen? 

  • You get injured.
  • You inhale microbes from rotting material surrounding scrap metal.
  • You get dirt on your skin, exposing it to damage.
  • You may risk radiation exposure (in some cases where you collect in uncharted lands).

You’re exposed to all these hazards just by going out to collect scrap metal. To avoid being caught unawares, you need to follow these precautions listed below:

  • Put on protective clothing (covering as much skin as possible. Put on some goggles as well).
  • If possible, get a gas mask and put it on. You never know what microbe is waiting around to rob of your health.
  • Get a phone so it’s easy for you to call for help in the case of a ghastly injury.
  • DO NOT collect metal in places you’re not familiar with.
Why does [aluminium recycling (in) blacktown] cost more than ferrous ones?

It might come as a shock to you that aluminium (non-ferrous) scrap metal cost more than iron and steel. But that’s just the truth. You see, aluminium scrap metals are known to last way longer than ferrous metals. Reason being, they aren’t affected by corrosion and so cannot easily degrade. So when next you plan on collecting scrap, be sure to get a lot of aluminium seeing as it’s the most common scrap metal around.

You’ll definitely make a lot of money out of it.

What other benefits do I get to enjoy from selling scrap metal, besides the money?
  • You get rid of all that trash lying around your backyard in the best possible way, by making money off them.
  • You become one of the patriotic citizens of planet earth. Helping recycling plants convert scrap metal to use materials not only gives you extra bucks to spend but also reduces pollution as well.
  • You make the air around you cleaner. Microbes are never happy when they see a yard clean and free of the habitable ground.
  • You bring the people in your community closer (especially when you collect scrap metal in a group).
  • Indirectly, you’re creating another line of work for future generations. There will come a time when metal ores won’t be that great in supply and industries would be forced to go into recycling or reuse. By this time, you’d be in big business. It’s even safe to say it’s the bitcoin of the future.
How do I know if my agent is authentic or not?

Seeing as there is a lot of theft out there and people getting scammed of their scrap metal, it might not hurt to be aware of some red flags frauds unconsciously wave during the negotiation and they are:

  • They act more concerned than usual. This is a major red flag most people confuse as being nice. If they show the appropriate amount of concern, then they’re being professional in their dealings.
  • They stall for too long during negotiations. They’re probably planning on how to rob you of your scrap metal during negotiation. Be smart about people like this.
  • They offer ridiculously high prices. This is to entice you so you only have eyes for them. Make sure you get to know more about prices of scrap metal so you don’t get scammed.
  • They keep an eye on you a little too much. Now, this is just creepy, if they’re doing this, then you need to involve the police.

Beware of the scammers as they’re populating the market nowadays. Follow all these guidelines above and you’re sure to have a favourable experience being a scrap metal dealer. Contact us to find out more about becoming a top dealer in the business.