Tips for donating you cars for free

Have you dreamed of the transfer of a vehicle for free? Know that some do! Giving a car is a civic act, to allow RSA beneficiaries and those who cannot afford to buy one to be able to continue to live, move around and go to work. If you are interested in donating your used vehicle, you can contact an association that helps the unemployed without resources. Here they are.

The functioning of the association is based on donation and volunteering. An individual gives his Renault (or any other brand, it doesn’t matter, it’s just for example), another, who has mechanical skills, repairs it so that it works perfectly, in complete safety.

Vehicles accepted

The Car dealership only accepts vehicles registered from 2000. They must be less than 150,000 km for a gasoline vehicle, and less than 200,000 km for a diesel.

How much does it cost ?

Be aware that it will still be possible to contribute financially because there are costs such as technical control, or spare parts that had to be changed.

A contribution of between 1,500 and 3,000 $ is requested from beneficiaries. For this sum, the car given to you is checked, repaired, it has passed the technical control and is in perfect working order.


There is no typical profile, the galley can take on several faces, in the city as in the countryside. These are the social workers who will work to find those who really need it. Single mother, over-indebted couple, minimum wage, RSA, disabled …

How to donate your vehicle

To donate, it’s very simple: an volunteer will come and collect your vehicle. Tax reductions are possible, inquire (tax receipt in your box within 2 months). Motorcycle, scooter, utility, truck …

The association accepts all vehicles, with or without technical control and takes care of all the transfer procedures. A small step for you, and a big step for the hope of those who are marginalized by their social condition. If you don’t have anything to given away a free car, you can still participate in the pool.

More and more people are looking for a free cars and we can see why. Not to mention the cost to purchase, even used, you have to have a parking lot, maintain it, pay for insurance … 

Secours Catholique has understood this need of a part of the population wishing to get by but which has small financial means. Having a car in working order allows this. In the big cities, you can always take public transport until it settles down, but how do you do it in the small ones?

Solidarity garages 

The association has put in place its emergency plan: solidarity garage to deal with the most in a hurry, with the means at hand, then partnership with Autos Cur.

Financial participation of the beneficiary

The beneficiary gives what he can to obtain his vehicle. If it does not have enough money, Secours Catholique completes: ends the struggle to bring the children to school, to do the shopping, or to go to the hospital. Being mobile is vital, whether it is to find work or for everyday life.

How to reach Secours Catholique

It is best to complete the form directly online. You will then be redirected to the most competent service.

If you are in this delicate situation, contact an association that practices vehicle donation or solidarity rental. The complete the form is also a perfect place to get the used cars for free or at low cost.

This is the case with this other association of the same type, which comes to the aid of its neighbor, when public transport is lacking. The main thing is therefore to enable them to find a job more easily.

Solidarity rental

Good to know: you can also do solidarity hiring provided you have a work contract and have difficulty going to work. The request must come from Pôle Emploi, a local mission or a CCAS, and be accompanied by the desired dates.

How to donate your car?

To donate your car, the procedure is simple, and you get a tax credit that can go up to 70% of the value of what you offer to those in need. 

The elderly who give cars away for free

Yes, it exists! Indeed, following the death of a spouse or an inability to drive, many retirees donate or sell their vehicle at very low prices to get rid of it.

The official administrative procedures for donating your car

We are in France, so there are formalities to follow, even in the event of a free transfer. In the event of offenses committed after the transfer, if you have not done things properly, you may have unpleasant surprises.

The transfer certificate

A certificate of transfer must be signed in several copies. One of them is for the beneficiary association, the other for you, and the last for the prefecture.

Then, as for a classic sale, you must cross out the registration document by indicating “sold” and the date of the operation, plus provide a state of the last technical inspection.