How Long Does Ativan 2mg Stay In Our System?

Most people are already familiar with the uses of Ativan. Ativan is a benzodiazepine that is used to treat seizures and anxiety. Doctors also prescribe the drug to treat the patients suffering from the side effects of alcohol withdrawal.

Ativan is a Schedule 1V drug, which means that there are fewer chances of people getting addicted to it. It is less harmful than Schedule II and Schedule III drugs. Still, the drug is a bit habit-forming and should be used only for short periods. 

The long-term use of Ativan can develop a tolerance for the drug. Once a person becomes habitual to Ativan, he starts requiring more doses of the medicine to achieve the same effects as before. Overdose of the medicine and using it for the long term can lead to serious side effects. Therefore, one has to be extremely cautious while taking benzodiazepines. You can buy Ativan online overnight at decent rates. Do not forget to show the prescription of the doctor to the chemist before buying it.

In this article, we will know how long does Ativan stays in our system? Let us understand it in more detail.

After how long does Ativan show its effects?

As we all know that Ativan is an entrancing as well as a tranquilizer. The medicine works by increasing the effect of GABA, a natural chemical found in the brain, which produces relaxing as well as calming effects.

Ativan can be administered in the form of injection, liquid concentrate, or tablets. Different forms of medicine take different amounts of time to show the effect. Like Ativan, injection shows the effects in 20 to 30 minutes whereas the liquid and tablet forms of Ativan take at least 2 hours to show their effect.

How long does Ativan last?

Ativan shows its effects very quickly on the human body but its long life is relatively long. Its half-life is 12 hours, which means its concentration in the body decreases to half every 12 hours. The liver metabolizes the drug in the body and ejects it from the body via kidneys and urine. Let us know how long Ativan stays in blood, urine, and hair.

1)      Blood: When you take Ativan, it can be detected in blood after 6 hours of administration. The medicine is present in the blood for at least 3 days, which means it can be detected in blood for three days after the last use. The detection window can become longer depending on the period of use of the medicine.

2)      Urine: It takes one to six weeks for Ativan to get eliminated from the body through urine. The period of elimination depends on the time for which you have been consuming the drug. It is said that Ativan stays in the urine for at least 6 days after the long use.

For those who have been using higher doses of Ativan for a long time, the detection window becomes longer.

3)      Hair: As compared to urine and blood, Ativan stays in hair for a much longer time. It stays in your hair for at least 30 days after its last use.

4)      Saliva: Ativan stays in saliva for at least eight hours after the last use. Since Ativan causes drowsiness, it is not advised to do any such work that requires attention like operating machinery or driving a car.

Factors that affect the time of detection

Multiple factors affect the time of detection of Ativan in the system like:

1)      Biological Factors: Biological factors like age, kidney function, and weight determine how long Ativan is going to stay in your system.

  •       Age: The metabolism of older people is slower than young people. Therefore, Ativan stays longer in the body of old people as compared to young people.
  •       Kidney Function: if any person suffers from a kidney ailment, then the half-life of Ativan gets prolonged.
  •       Height and weight: Heavy and tall people clear drugs much faster than lighter and smaller people.

2)      Frequency of use: The time of metabolism of Ativan depends on the frequency of its use. The drug remains in the system of the people for a long time who consume it for a longer period.

Ativan is an excellent medicine for anxiety and seizures. However, it should be used for a short period and should only be bought from legitimate online pharmacies. You can buy Lorazepam 2mg online at attractive rates.