How much is Teeth Whitening at the Forest Hill Dentist

Do you want your shine back and have a bright smile? If yes, you might be thinking how much the cost of teeth whitening at the forest hill dentist is. Well, the cost for teeth whitening varies depending on your oral condition. And this is why you should read this guide. We have listed all the price variants for you. So, let’s get started!

Teeth Whitening Cost

Before heading straight to the dentist’s office for professional teeth whitening, it’s better to know its price and your budget. The cost will change depending on your choice of whitening treatment. For instance, you’ll have to pay less if you opt for DIY teeth whitening and more for professional teeth whitening at the dentist.

Teeth whitening can cost you as low as $10 if you have opted for the cheapest option, whitening toothpaste, and mouthwash. You can also have whitening trays for your treatment that typically costs less than $100. Another affordable option for teeth whitening is using whitening strips or gels. You can get a single box for around $40 that you can use for a couple of weeks.

Although these options are highly affordable for most people, they are generally not highly effective. These options only brighten your teeth by one or two shades. However, suppose you want more significant results. In that case, you can go for professional teeth whitening treatment at Rodeo Dental in Forest Hill, TX. In-office whitening treatments at the dentist’s office provide the most effective results. Thus, it can turn your expense into a viable investment, giving you a pearl-white smile in the end. 

The Average Cost of In-office Teeth Whitening

The average cost of professional teeth whitening is around $650. The cost can range from $500 to $1000 or more. But it generally depends on your oral condition, your dentist’s charges, and the type of product being used.

Generally, professional teeth whitening pays off. Once you get done with the treatment, your friends will likely notice a difference in your teeth’ appearance. On the other hand, this wasn’t always the case with at-home teeth whitening treatments. Why is it so? Well, professional teeth whitening is more effective because of the more potent whitening agent. Over-the-counter whitening products don’t really contain this whitening agent. Moreover, you can also avail discount payment plans at Rodeo Dental if you opt for professional teeth whitening. Above all, you will likely get a brighter smile while staying within your budget.

Is teeth whitening covered by insurance?

Cosmetic procedures, like teeth whitening, aren’t usually covered by most dental insurances. This is because they only cover dental procedures that are considered medically necessary. It is better to check your insurance policy beforehand. But even if they don’t cover professional teeth whitening, you can always avail multiple financing options or a discount plan as many dentists offer them. Thus, we help you achieve your beautiful smile while allowing you to stay within your budget.

Final Words

Professional teeth whitening is often considered as an investment rather than an expense. This is because they’re highly effective. The average cost for it is $650, but you should keep the price range ($500-1000) in mind before going to the dentist. So, consult your dentist and ask whether they offer discount plans to make your experience more affordable and satisfying.

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