How to find affordable massage therapy services

How to find affordable massage therapy services

It’s worth it? The average spa, salon, clinic, or freelance writer will charge between $ 60-80, plus tips, for a one-hour massage. Pampered, fed, and relaxed, you will likely leave your session feeling, at that point, that every dollar spent was worth it. So are you going to reprogram? When are you going to treat yourself again? For many of us, it depends on our ability to pay for it. Spa in Dubai Investment Park

Maybe the next payday or worse, maybe you’ll have to wait until the next birthday, Mother’s Day, or until a loved one takes pity on you and answers your silent calls (or can -be not so silent). certified gift. If only you could afford this service to reduce stress, refresh your mind, and improve your body more often.

Fortunately, you can. As the demand for massage therapy has increased, several companies and resources have emerged that have made the services more affordable and accessible. They are as follows: Spa in Dubai Investment Park

Member-only spas: Member-only spas, like Massage Envy and Massage Heights, offer very affordable introductory massage rates. For only $ 39 you can receive a one-hour massage from a CMT (Certified Massotherapy) or LMT (Certified Massotherapy). (Each state determines the necessary requirements of the therapist). To continue receiving discounted services, you must sign up for your monthly subscription.

For $ 49 per month, you are entitled to a full-hour massage. If you want additional services or want to purchase gift certificates, you can do so at a reduced rate. You can cancel at any time. Massage Envy and Massage Heights are both national franchises. Visit their respective websites to find a location near you.

School Massage Clinics

School Massage Clinics – Most massage schools offer a massage clinic in order to provide a hands-on experience for their students. For fees ranging from $ 10 to $ 40, you could receive a message from a massage therapy student. Tips are welcome, but generally not expected.

According to state laws and accreditation standards, students must be supervised by a professional massage therapist (CMT or LMT). By sponsoring massage school clinics, you have the opportunity to get a quality session at an affordable price while helping to develop a professional future.


Classified Sites: Classified sites like Craigslist., Kijiji, and BackPage allow professionals to effectively advertise their services, discounts, and special rates. You can also post an advertisement on these sites for free saying that you are looking for a specific service in a particular price range.

Professionals will respond enthusiastically. As always, do your research. Interview with the therapist. Ask about their credentials, education, and massage style. Ask for references and any additional information that will help you decide if the professional you are considering is right for you. Spa in Dubai Investment Park

Spa in Dubai Investment Park

So what are you waiting for? Whatever your budget, you can treat yourself to a massage. You may not be able to afford a regular visit to this luxury spa or salon, but there is no excuse that you cannot add quality affordable massage as part of your wellness regimen. be normal and remember that an opportunity always presents itself. Which will guarantee a gift certificate for the spa of your choice

Stress kills: how massage can improve and prolong good health for just a few hours

The lifestyles of today that many individuals and families, unfortunately, have in common only serve to shorten a good quality of life and introduce more serious health problems than those experienced by past generations. Now more than ever, the urge to get a dollar or two more at the expense of an individual’s health has consumed not only business but the common man. Good nutrition and moderate exercise can go a long way in warding off illness, but stress is perhaps the biggest culprit and the deadliest.

While heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control, hardly anyone takes proactive measures until the body has already given the warning signs. Even when the news comes straight from a doctor, many people choose to push the boundaries in the ever-growing quest for more material possessions and wealth.

A moderate exercise routine can still benefit a person, but a little secret that many people rarely consider enjoying is relaxation through massage. While exercise can strengthen muscles and provide many benefits to the cardiovascular system, massage helps heal and rejuvenate the body and mind. Unfortunately, Western thought and practice have rarely focused on massage. Spa in Dubai Investment Park

The main reason why massage was not a widespread

The main reason why massage was not a widespread practice in America was that it was once considered a mystical experience and not scientifically understood. Until recently, the science and our understanding of human physiology have not been developed and improved. As research on the human body advances, so does our understanding of the incredible abilities inherent in the human body. Using a variety of different types of massage has been shown to take advantage of these inherent abilities. Body Massage in Dubai Investment Park


In addition to relieving muscle tension, massage has long been a method practiced to improve everything from circulation to athleticism to overall health. More and more doctors and therapists have recognized and started to rely on professional massage in order to augment traditional forms of medical treatment. In fact, many physicians have started offering more comprehensive forms of home treatment due to ever-increasing drug costs.


This does not always replace finding a professionally trained masseur or masseuse. A message center will often specialize in a wider variety of massage techniques that can be used to target specific conditions or ailments. Doctors will be more limited if massages are offered.