Most Effective Exercises to Maintain Physical Fitness

Everybody prefers to exercise in different ways and does it for different reasons. A person may want to weight train in order to build strength. Or they might want to do yoga after to relax from a stressful day. Or play a sport to enjoy the exercise along with getting fit. Each of these different methods affect your body in varying ways.

Whatever the motivation behind the exercise, it is best to ensure you are doing an all-round fitness routine. A good exercise routine is a blend of three different types. The three basic types of exercise are flexibility, strength and aerobic exercise. We are going to look into each one here and explore the benefits they lend.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobics are meant to make your lungs, muscles, and heart healthier. It also helps increase your current fitness levels. Combining aerobic exercises with a nutritious and balanced diet can help maintain a healthy weight.

There are a lot of aerobic exercises to choose from when you are preparing a routine. Swimming, cycling, athletics and football are quite the popular sports. They all fall in the aerobics category. We have listed each of them here and the advantages they bring.


Having a long swim is a great way to indulge in full body exercise. It helps relax any of the stress in your joints. This is a great option if you have any joint related disease such as arthritis.

Team Sports

As mentioned above, sports like football are a great way to exercise. They are team based so you get plenty of help to stay motivated. If any member lags down a bit they can rely on the other to support them. There are plenty of team sports to choose from and it is also a great way to socialize. Exercising doesn’t have to be lonely and boring!

Brisk Walks

Taking fast walks that leave you out of breath are also a great aerobic exercise. It works great, no matter which age you are. It is also a perfect starting exercise for beginners. Once enough of their stamina is built, they can move on to doing more.

Running and Athletics

Running helps burn more calories in comparison to walking. Hence, it further improves your fitness. There is hardly any extra equipment you need for it, except good running shoes. The routes you run on can vary to keep it enjoyable every day. Also, accompany your runs with some upbeat tunes to keep yourself motivated. This can be seen as the easiest sporty exercise you can do as it does not require much. And it also gets your heart racing pretty fast.

Strength Exercises

In strength training you have to move your muscles against some type of resistance. It is therefore, also called resistance training. Equipment that can be used in strength training is as follows:

  • Free weights like dumb-bells
  • Rubber resistance bands
  • Your body weight like when doing press-ups
  • Weight-lifting machines

Regularly doing strength training helps your body in a lot of ways. It improves your strength, balance and posture. Your bones tend to remain healthy and strong. And your blood pressure is also maintained to a healthier level. Having more muscles burns up calories, so building them helps to stay at a healthy weight.

If the gym is not your preferred place, you can still strengthen your muscles through other activities. For instance, heavy gardening, or carrying a grocery bags also tone your muscles. It is actually a surprising fact that mowing your lawn burns more calories than playing badminton.

Flexibility Exercises

Flexible muscles allow a body to keep active and mobile. Regular exercising help improve your range of movement. Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles without harming them. Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates are some of the best flexibility exercises. They help in relaxing the body and improving your balance. Yoga has many health benefits such as improving lower back pain, anxiety and depression.

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