What is the Best way to Take Elderberry?

Elderberry is a plant that is used for different purposes. It is used as a medication to treat wounds and infections. Additionally, it is also present in wine and jellies. Elderberry has oodles of benefits for you as they are suitable for maintaining health and help to boost your immune system because it is rich in vitamins such as vitamin C. It also has antioxidant properties.

That said, leaves of elderberry can be toxic for consumption and can have adverse effects resulting in poisoning. Raw berries are also not safe for children. But don’t worry! Most elderberries are edible for adults, and there are tons of ways to use elderberry at home.

Elderberry Syrup vs Gummies

elderberry syrup vs gummies

Elderberry syrup is commonly used to treat flu and cough during cold weather. It is made with elderberry juice and sugar. And you can make elderberry syrup at home. If we compare elderberry syrup vs gummies, the gummies are much easier for kids because some kids may not like taking the syrup. You can buy black elderberry gummies online or from your local store.

Here are Some Best Ways to Take Elderberry.
Elderberry Medicine

Elderberries are also commonly used in medicines. Because of their hot temperature, they are a key component in most cold and flu medicine. Additionally, this berry also helps to treat headaches, constipation, and other minor health issues. You can also make some elderberry shots at home for yourself during cold weather.

Elderberry Wine

Another way of using elderberry is wine. Elderberry wine is as great as grape wine, and it’s the only one whose flavor comes very close to a glass of grape wine. Its flavor is sweeter than a lot of other wines. This wine’s color is deep red and is beneficial for sore throats.

You can actually make elderberry wine at home with some elderberries from your garden and other ingredients for wine. It is easy to make and ages like any other fine wine.

Elderberry Jams

Making jam out of elderberries is one of the best ways of consuming elderberries. It’s delicious for breakfast on toast or in lunch. Kids love its flavor because of its sweetness. Elderberry jams are very similar in taste to BlackBerry jam. You can make elderberry jam at home by adding sugar, lemon juice, and a pack of pectin. Once it is ready, you can store it in an airtight jar and refrigerate it. This way, you can enjoy homemade elderberry jam anytime you want.

Elderberry tea

If you are not a fan of Elderberry syrup, tea is a great option for introducing this berry into your diet. There are tons of recipes for elderberry tea. You can make your tea by adding honey for sweetness and herbs like cinnamon to bring more flavor to the tea. Elderberry tea can be a little too strong for a kid, so kids should consume elderberry from jam or gummies.

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend that you incorporate elderberry into your diet due to the bundles of benefits it has for your health. However, we suggest that you take the recommended dosage of this berry as prescribed by your physician.