How do I put multiple documents into one PDF and split Pdf into multiple files?

Splitting and merging pdf files with URPDF 

So you have received a huge pdf and now struggling with how to share it? What if you are provided with the chance to split pdf pages for easy sharing? 

We know that sharing such large documents comes with its own set of drawbacks. And the biggest one is those dreaded notifications that pop up repeatedly stating your email couldn’t be delivered due to having a huge file in it. 

Similarly, handling too many small pdf files is also a hectic thing since you have to keep them in place and check from time to time to ensure you haven’t missed any. Also, sharing those smaller files one by one wastes too much time. 

Both of these problems; having an extra-large pdf file, and having too many small pdf files, are uniquely different, but luckily, you can solve both these problems by a single solution – URPDF splitter and pdf combiner

A quick web search will head you to these super-efficient programs and tools and the best thing is that these tools are completely free to use.  

How to split pdf files using URPDF splitter?

To split your huge pdf file using the URPDF splitter tool, you just need to follow the given steps

  1. Find the tool 

First of all, you need to find the tool on the website. For this purpose, you can go to the upper right corner where a mark of three lines will be formed. On clicking it, a drag-down menu will open up, from where you can choose the split pdf option.

  • Upload your pdf 

As soon as you click on the split pdf option, a square dotted box will display in front of you stating, click or drag the file. On clicking inside that square, you will be directed to your device storage or drive. Go to the folder where you have stored that huge file and click on it. After this, your file will start to upload over the website. Once it is uploaded, your file will be ready to undergo a splitting operation.

  • Split pdf

Now since your pdf file has been uploaded, go to the page in the document from where you want to split it. Besides swiping through pages, you can also write the page number and the tool will directly head to that page. On reaching there, choose whether you want to split the document by page number or range. As soon as you click on the option, the splitting process will start.

  • Save your files

When the tool completes the splitting process, a notification will pop up on the display. Click ok and select the split files. Go to the save as button and save your split pdfs at a preferred location on your device. 

How to put multiple documents in one pdf file using the URPDF merger?

The method of putting multiple documents in a single pdf file is nearly the same and include the following steps

  1. Go to the tool on the website by clicking the top right corner and choosing the merge pdf option.
  2. On opening the tool, the same sort of dotted square block will appear which on being clicked, directs you to the internal storage or drive. Choose the folder where you have stored those documents.
  3. Select all the documents in the same order you want to get in the resulting document. After selecting, click on the upload files option. 
  4. When all the files will be uploaded, click on the start merge button to trigger conversion. 
  5. Lastly, download the file on your device or drive. 
Why should you use URPDF splitter and merger?
  • Multiple options

URPDF provide the access to so many different types of tools to its users completely free of cost. In other words, you cannot only split or merge your uneditable documents with these tools, but users can also create, convert, annotate, edit, and perform OCR to make the text on figures and images editable using the tools. Moreover, you can also merge different types of documents in a pdf file including excel sheets, word documents, and PPT files. 

  • Free and easy to use

All the tools available at URPDF are free to use. Plus, these tools are developed in a way so all types of users could use them – even those who don’t have any experience of splitting or merging pdf files via online tools. Splitting, merging, removing, extracting, editing, all these operations can be performed only with a single click.

  • Secure and workable on all devices

The tools are completely safe to use and your documents are not shared with any third party. It’s only you who can access your files and edit them. Also, you can use all these tools on all kinds of devices including PCs, mobile phones, etc.