How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds are useful because they can be removed or stored away without much hassle, but they can also be expensive to remove, especially if you’re looking to hire a licensed contractor to do the job. To give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to cost, we’ve put together this guide on how much does it cost to remove a murphy bed.

What is the process for removing a Murphy bed from the wall?

There are two steps required when removing a Murphy bed. First, remove all of your furniture from the inside of the room and make sure you have nothing blocking access to your door. Second, take out your screws holding down your molding on either side of your door. These screws can be located anywhere from halfway up on one side or around head height on both sides. After you remove these, pull up on each corner panel until they release from their slots.

Is it difficult to remove a Murphy bed?

A murphy bed is a type of foldable bed that is raised and lowered by means of hinges. Typically, they are created using wood or metal as their primary material. One advantage of having one installed in your home is that you can use it during events such as house parties or when your relatives from out of town come over for overnight stays. Unfortunately, these beds might end up being an eyesore if you don’t properly maintain them. If you want to remove your murphy bed for any reason, here are some things you should consider: Are there exposed screws on my floor?: You’ll want to keep an eye out for exposed screws on your flooring surface since they might get damaged once you start removing things from under them.

How do you take a murphy bed apart?

There are many factors that go into figuring out how much it costs to remove a murphy bed. The first step is identifying what kind of Murphy bed you have. Then you can figure out if there’s room for it to be moved or if it needs to be totally disassembled and put in pieces into your new space. That determines whether or not you need help from contractors, as well as how much work will actually go into taking it apart. Once you know all that, then comes pricing out movers or removing services and materials like paint.

Is it possible to use your own mattress on a murphy bed?

Definitely not. The bed will work correctly if you use an air mattress on top of it, but most people use their own traditional mattress, because those are larger and more comfortable than most air mattresses. There is no easy way to attach your own traditional mattress to one of these beds without damaging your mattress or furniture, so even if you could do it, it probably wouldn’t be worth it. If you don’t want an air mattress on top of your murphy bed, we’ll recommend using a wood platform with slats for support instead of a traditional box spring.


The best way to know how much it will cost to remove your murphy bed is to talk with an installer and run through your options. Of course, it’s also good advice to know what you want out of your room before getting in touch with one. If you need additional storage, for example, make sure you ask about customized options like shelves or drawers. By doing so, you’ll be able to get more bang for your buck without making unnecessary compromises. Just remember that there’s always a right time and place for everything especially when it comes to removing your murphy bed!