Mistakes Women Commit While Applying Lashes

3d lashes in Glasgow are the foremost eye accessory for several reasons. They make the lashes look fuller and could be customised to fit the wearer’s unique requirements. However, when it comes to the application as well as maintenance for the first time, many females find it easy to commit mistakes.

The blunders in the eyelash care could result in them not holding up for long or even making them fall apart completely. In case you wish to ensure you have good experience with them, consider avoiding the common mistakes that beginners make while wearing eyelashes such as

  • Failing to Cut Lashes to Your Eye Size Before Application

It is worth noting that the lash extensions are not the one-size-fits-all item. Just because lashes come in the packing in one length does not mean you need to stick them as it is. You might see the corners of the lash coming up, it is because sometimes the strip is large for the eye size.

Wearing lashes that big for the eyes could cause them or the strip’s corner to poke the skin and cause discomfort. Therefore, it is advised to take time for cutting the lash strip as you would not wish to cut off too much and then end up having to buy the new set. Consider trimming from the outer edge of the strip and do not forget to snip right at the lash strip’s base. Doing so would preserve the lashes you do not wish to get snipped.

  • Placing the Lashes too Far Up

Beginners suffer from this blunder now and then. It is something that alters how comfortable the person feels while wearing lashes, despite the fact it would make the lashes noticeable. To get the lashes close to the lash line, consider resting on the top of natural lashes and then use the applicator for pressing the strip at the lash line’s base.

  • Applying Wrong Glue

It is one of the major mistakes that females make. It is important to note that coloured adhesives are not forgiving. In case you place the lash strip far up on the lid and you are forgoing eyeliner, the black adhesive would be more apparent. Consider avoiding the coloured adhesive. You could invest in white or transparent glue. Even the white adhesive glues dry to the transparent finish.

Along with the colour, the amount of adhesive that you apply could be a game-changer. Avoid applying too much, otherwise, you would be left with a thick as well as visible mess. Resist applying the glue directly to the lashes from the tube. Rather, squirt the dot of glue on the lash tray and using a pointed Q-tip take the minimal amount of glue and apply the thin line along the lash strip.

  • Merging the False Lashes with Real Ones with Mascara

Merging false and real lashes could ruin as well as shorten the life of lash extensions. Along with this, it would make it difficult to take off the false lashes without ripping them or pulling the real ones. Rather than merging both lashes with mascara, you could use the curler and curl both lashes together.

  • Not Cleaning Lashes

Another common mistake is not cleaning the lashes. Remember, these products need to be cleaned properly and regularly for making them last. Though false lashes don’t require much maintenance, they do require occasional brushing and washing with a quality shampoo. The lashes are in one piece; however, they are the number of individual hairs held together using a strip. In case you do not remove dirt or natural oils, the chances of bending or ripping out some hair increase.

Therefore, it is advised to invest in quality lashes and accessories. If you wish to purchase quality 3D lashes in Glasgow, Now Lashes is the best place. All of their lashes are handmade. You could browse through the collection and buy the lashes for yourself.