Top 5 Features of Simplified Certification Scheme of TEC certification

TEC certification, the legal authorization to import telecom equipment in India, is provided through two schemes. One of them is General Certification scheme, and the other is Simplified Certification scheme. Each of them has their own specific features that are not discussed anywhere on the internet. 

Well, now they are being discussed. 

The simplified certification scheme for TEC approval allows you to get TEC license for telecom equipment marked under the SCS column. But that’s not all. Like anything else, this scheme too serves a purpose.

Thus, through this article, you’ll know about the features of Simplified Certification Scheme of TEC certification

Applicability of the SCS scheme

All the Equipments mentioned in the table 1 of annexure 1 that have gone through either CAB (Conformity Assessment bodies) or a recognized CAB of MRA of another country are eligible for TEC certification under this scheme. If the equipment pertains to security, then how the testing o that product takes place shall be notified and decided by the Security wing of Department of Telecommunication. 

Compliance and Conformity

if you’re getting the TEC certificate under the SCS scheme, you have to submit two things along with the application:

  1. Test wise compliance sheet
  2. Self-declaration form of compliance (SDoC)
Compliance of the Essential Requirements

In order to make your product compliant to the Essential requirements, it has to go through the testing by the designated CAB or a recognized MRA of the partner country. It has to be done within 6 months of filing the application. For security telecom equipment, this essential requirement is not required. 

Further documentation might be required

Once you submit the SDoC or Self-Declaration of Conformity, you’ll get TEC certificate number. However, there are instances where the certification body can ask for further documentations from your end. 

Issuance for certificate

Once you’ve applied for the TEC certification under the SCS scheme, you’ll obtain the license within the next 15 working days of filing the application. 

However, things might not always be this cut and dry

Truth be told, the certification process of TEC hardly goes as you’ve planned it. As the licensing process is complex, you can expect for it to take longer than 15 days. The reasons are as follows:

  1. You’ve filled into the wrong details
  2. Your documents are incomplete
  3. Or, you’ve not gotten the test reports from a recognized place. 

You can circumvent these reasons if you reach out to experts who know the TEC certification procedure inside and out.


TEC certification under the SCS scheme can be obtained through simplified means. All you need to do is reach out to the right experts and you’re done.