10 Best Places To Visit In Bristol

From historical open-air swimming pools into music festivals and film screenings in caves beneath the city, there is a whole lot more to Bristol compared to Suspension Bridge — if you simply know where to search!

1. The Lido

Tucked away in the gorgeous region of Clifton, Bristol Lido is a gorgeous open swimming pool surrounded by conventional wooden-door changing rooms, a sun deck, a spa and a posh pub and restaurant. After the sunlight, this restored historical gem is the best place to have a dip and revel in that relaxed holiday atmosphere without needing to leave town.

2. St Nick’s Night Market

Throughout the afternoon, the UK’s biggest indoor marketplace, St Nick’s Economy, overflows with local jewellery, craft stalls and mouth-watering road food, but what is less widely understood is that through several Friday summer evenings, the stalls start late, and the St Nick’s Night Market starts. Local street actors, musicians, circus acts and DJs take over this portion of the old city for a day of fantastic entertainment and food.

3. 20th Century Flicks

Bristol is home to a massive picture scene, with a few of the UK’s most significant players in the movie and documentary sector based here. The Watershed, a huge theatre, pub and restaurant overlooking the harborside, reveals critically acclaimed movies and is quite common. Little-known 20th Century Flicks, nevertheless, is heaven for classic film lovers. This small shop frees out over 20,000 films on DVD, also contains two romantic 11- or 18-seat cinemas offered for private hire to offer you and your buddies an old-school film experience like nowhere else in Bristol.

4. Redcliffe Caves

Unbeknownst to several Bristol sailors, an entire collection of human-made temples operate beneath the Redcliffe area close to the harborside. Since their building in the middle ages, the caves have experienced several roles in Bristol’s history, starting as a location to mine sand for pottery and glass production to be utilized as a storage area and a location for housing offenders. Nowadays, the caves are largely closed but open a few times every year to sponsor spectacular and special film or audio adventures. Know everything about Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy before booking a flight to Bristol.

5. Chance & Counters

Tucked away touching the historical Christmas Measures, Chance & Counters is Bristol’s sole real quirky board sport café. Whether you are looking for shelter from a rainy day or you are spending an evening enjoying racket with a few of the café’s local craft beers, this comfy hangout is a superb place to challenge your buddies. With more than 600 different games to select from, ranging from old fashioned classics to contemporary designs, there is always something to tempt everyone’s competitive facet!

6. The Milk Thistle

Now, this pub is quite literally a hidden stone. Almost totally disguised on the outside, many folks passing by on the road would not note this sign-less, painted black doorway in the plain red brick construction on Colston Avenue. But people that knock on this door are all rewarded with entry to one of Bristol’s trendiest speakeasy pubs. Crossing four floors of a historical building in the town’s centre, this fashionable prohibition-era pub is just one of the best cocktail bars around — but quiet, do not tell everybody!

7. Underfall Yard

Life at Bristol has revolved around the sanctuary, and the Underfall Yard celebrates the town’s rich history of shipbuilding. Old machines sit on display from the older wooden buildings where the building was thriving, while new generations of artisans and shipbuilders operate in the yard next door. After annually, Bristol’s legendary wooden historical ship, The Matthew, which sails throughout the harbour every day, is hauled out on the dry docks here for upkeep.

8. Clifton Arcade

In Clifton Village, there is no lack of grand structure and coffee shops situated in historic buildings. Primrose Café is a favourite brunch place with seats spilling out on the road, but behind it is located this region of Bristol’s most adorable collection of stores — that the Clifton Arcade. Tucked away, this gorgeous Victorian arcade is home to separate card stores, antique clothing and jewellery shops and craft shops, making it the ideal location for a lazy Sunday or a place of special souvenir-purchasing.

9. Blaise Castle Estate & Hamlet

A modest out-of-town Blaise Castle is a great folly and 18th-century mansion home, and the property is a favourite place for a country stroll. However, a small, picturesque hamlet was also constructed in the 19th century near the entry with cute cottages, which were revived and quite pretty.

10. The Entire Moon and Attic

Found in the heart of Bristol’s innovative district, Stokes Croft, this booming pub boasts a massive outdoor seating area and places on a few of the town’s greatest music nights. Showcases are emerging and local musicians, which means you might spend a day drinking West Country ciders and listening to some folk group from neighbouring or dance the night away to the sounds of Bristol’s newest up-and-coming DJs.