5 Best Trekking Destination in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful states in India. It is a Northern Indian state in the Himalayas . Himachal is known as the land of Paradise as it has picturesque villages , stunning hill stations ,  colourful valleys , snow capped mountains , waterfalls altogether . You can find a strong tibetian presence and their rich cultures which are reflected in monasteries .Himachal Pradesh is also famous for its  Handicrafts ,paintings ,leather works , carpets etc. A lot of  adventurous activities like Rock climbing ,paragliding, ice skating, ziplining , rafting and skiing are popular tourist attractions also.

May one think about top places like Manali ,Shimla , Dalhousie etc after listening to the name of Himachal . But Himachal Pradesh is also famous for best trekking and camping spots. If you love the beauty of mountains, greenery and nature then you should visit the top 5 best trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh in your lifetime. Those spots can disconnect you from the world and your busy daily life.

  • Kheer Ganga Trek :- Kheer Ganga is one of the most rewarding and most serene Trek in Parvati valley ,Himachal Pradesh . It is one of the most peaceful treks in India also . Starting from Kasol , passing through picturesque villages , calm serene jungles , narrow ways , you are going to reach a natural Paradise , Kheerganga .You are going to witness The serpent shaped waterfall named ‘rudranag ‘ , on this 2 days long trek.

This place also has a mythological significance. It is said that , when lord Shiva asks their son Kartikeya and Ganesh to travel around the world,  Ganesh circumferences around Shiva and Parvati to complete a world tour. Years after when Kartikeya returned home , by getting angry , he went for deep meditation on this place. Later Shiva and Parvati come here and made the kheer flow from the mountain which is later known as Kheerganga. 

There is a hot water spring at the top of the trek which can help to release all the stress during the journey and rejuvenate yourself.

🔸Best time :-  summer and all the spring except the monsoon .

  • Bhrigu Lake Trek :-  If you’re looking for the best and beautiful grassland trek and as well royal blue Lake with green meadows in Himachal Pradesh then you should go to bhrigu Lake Trek which is just 20 km from Manali. This place also has a mythological significance. It is said that maharshi shri Bhrigu practiced his mediation near the lake. Starting from gulaba on this 24 Km trails , You will see  the grazing sheeps ,locals with grass or bags on their backs, and beautiful wild horses . Many of the tourists also called the top of the Bhrigu Lake Trek , as the mini Switzerland of India .One can see the mesmerizing view of dhauladhar and pir panjal peaks from here. 

🔸 Best time:- basically the pics is in starts from mid August and runs till September.

  • Hampta pass Trek:-  If you are looking for a dramatic pass crossing trek then this is only for you.Hampta pass , this name taken from the hamta village lies on the pir panjal region of 14,000 feet . Starting from the valley of Kullu, you will pass through Oak and walnut jungle, grasslands, the trail with blooming wildflowers , with Barren mountains , to reach on the top of the pass . This 25 kilometre long trek claims 6 adventurous days in Himalayas , which will provide you with a rewarding scenic beauty.

🔸 Best time:  the best time would be between June and September.

  • Friendship peak Trek:- Friendship peak Trek is lying in the pir panjal range and provides a vivid view of Himalayas . Starting from Solang on this 9 days long trail, you will go through oak and alpine forests , little streams, thik snowbeds , narrow snowy tracks to reach the top. With the ascending height of 17348 feet, this trek will challenge your stamina and strength. The nearby attractions are famous hadimba temple, vivid views of pir panjal range and Vashisht hot water spring.

🔸 Best time:- As this is a very high altitude trek, one should avoid the top winter seasons. The best season is May and June.

  • Pin Parvati trek:-  This is another high altitude trek with 110 kilometres long adventurous trails of Himachal . This claims 12 to 14 challenging days and provides a hyper dose of lifetime adventure and experience ,which starts from Manikaran . Ascending to 15000ft , You will be passing through lots of glaciers, Rock beds , Ice cold streams , slippy narrow trails To reach here , Which also makes it one of the most difficult treks in India.