A mesmerizing experience of Goa Trip

Goa is just like a dreamland. After listening to the world Goa I can feel the sense of beaches, kaju nightclubs, casinos, and old churches. What is not here in Goa!from sea to mountains, from casino to church , from waterfall to water sports,all are there in Goa. Youths, especially bachelors. dreams about a Goa trip at least for one time.

Goa, the smallest state in India, is a state in western India with coastline with Arabian sea. Goa contributes the highest How to reach :- Actually there are two ways to reach Goa . One is via train another is via flight.second one take less time and higher fair but if you want to make this trip as a budget trip you should option for Train

ūüü° History and mythological significance :-¬† ¬†History of Goa is long and diverse. This name comes from Hindu Epic “Mahabharata” Goa or “Gomantak” , signifying fertile land . Although the name is given by Portuguese . According to the local people, when parasurama , the sixth Avatar of Vishnu, get birth, ordered Varun to give the land and sea¬† to the point where his axe¬† stuck. This piece of land came to be known as konkan.

Empires of Maurya and Satavahana ruled iron Age’s Goa. In 1510 Portuguese invaded Goa to spread their business in India, ruled for about 450 years. The results can still be seen in the architecture culture vision and the name of the places. After India got independence, in 1961 Indian army recovered Goa with a battle from Portuguese.

How to reach:- 

Actually there are two ways to reach Goa . One is via train another is via flight.second one take less time and higher fair but if you want to make this trip as a budget trip you should option for Train.


  • Day 1:- Starts after reaching at Goa railway station or Goa airport. You can hire a cab or can use public transport like a bus or shared Jeep to reach your hotel. You should stay in North Goa. You can stay near Calangute Beach because there are lots of low budget hotels as well as luxurious resorts also.

The best way to discover Goa is to hire a scooty or bike . Do the booking work on this day. You can enjoy the mesmerizing nightlife in Baga beach – Tito’s lane .

  • Day 2:– The early morning , after taking breakfast go for, aguada fort,a Majestic historical Fort with lots of History,near Panjim. This is the prime location for lots of¬† Bollywood movies like Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa , Singham ,Golmaal . You can see a lighthouse there which is the oldest of this kind in the total¬† Asia continent.

Don’t spend too much time there because a lot of surprises are waiting for you Today. After that¬† go to Sinquerim Beach, from where you will go for a dolphin adventure boat ride. You can see the Majestic fort from the mid sea, and obviously some dolphins who basically come out of the water to take oxygen.

After completing the adventurous ride you have now two options.if your budget is quite high you should must visit the luxurious casino Cruise. You will find yourself among some rich casino Masters and lots of food and drinks buffet, as you have seen casino clubs in Hollywood movies. This will be a lifelong experience for you.

But if your budget is quite low, come back to your hotel. And again go for Chapora fort which is basically known as a photography destination. You can see lots of models, couples and friends are doing photoshoot here. This old fort get famous by the blockbuster Bollywood movie “Dil chahta hai” .After visiting the fort you should go to Candolim beach where you can experience and learn a lots of water sports like;i.e. scuba diving, flyboarding,Speed boat Riding, kayaking, & snorkeling.

Spend a romantic candle light dinner on the beach of Calangute.

  • Day 3:– you should book a cab on the day before. And you should start for Dudhsagar falls early in the morning . You will be passed through smooth roads and the picturesque villages. Dudhsagar is a four stepped waterfall , which is one of the tallest waterfalls in India of about 1017 feet . You have to change the cab at a point and then you have to go through the jungle via shared jeep. The jungle basically comes under Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary and mollem national park of Western ghat. You will cross through little streams in the Flora fauna enriched jungle. If you are lucky enough , you can see Malabar giant squirrels, deers, langoor and some special birds . The mesmerizing view of the waterfall will just rejuvenate your mind immediately.

On the way of returning you should pay a visit to old Goa to feel the old essence of Portuguese. You can go for India’s oldest Church , Bom Jesus Basilica ,which was built in 1605. Visit nearby Saint cathedral also.

  • Day 4:- after having a lot of unforgettable memories now you have to return to your home place.

Special things to eat:- you should try Chicken shawarma which is basically grilled chicken served with hot bread, goan seafoods and goan biryani. You can also try ros omelette and Squids chilli in Panjim.

Best time:– Basically you can come here anytime but the peak season is from November to February. If you want a budget-friendly trip you should come here from September to October.