A Sojourn Close to Nature – Heritage Resort Coorg 

There is a colloquialism by Albert Einstein, “Look profound into nature, and afterward you will comprehend everything better”. Coorg is one such location in South India that brings you profoundly into Mother Nature’s lap and leaves you beguiled with its unequaled magnificence! 

Coorg was classified “Scotland of India” by the British during their visit in the nineteenth century to this curious little town of Karnataka. The most noteworthy pinnacle of Coorg is Tadiandamol with Pushpagiri being the second-most noteworthy. A stay at Heritage Resort Coorg will allow you to investigate its hypnotizing excellence and it will give you an understanding into Coorg’s way of life and history – on the grounds that what’s a spot without a little legend and neighborhood legend that keeps on intriguing individuals till date! 

Wake up to the smell of invigorating espresso and peaceful excellence of the cloudy land and floods of Kodagu. Situated along the Western Ghats of the Sahyadri Mountains in South Western Karnataka, Coorg’s woodland-covered slopes, and flavor and espresso ranches add to its tempting scene. Heritage Resort Coorg is settled in the midst of the emerald scene with an ideal mix of history, extravagance, experience, mouth-watering food, and COFFEE of the slope station of Coorg. 

Roosted on a slope top and enclosed by the cool hug of the rainforest, the benevolent Heritage Resort Coorg mixes normally into this wild station. Settled among great trees and fog, the bungalows offer all encompassing perspectives on encompassing peaks, while the resort disregards profound valleys and murmuring streams. The smell of espresso filled new mountain air will tempt you. You’ll feel the fellowship with moving slopes, percolating rivulets and unblemished woods that will make your spirit entire once more. Be it spices for the spa or veggies for the eatery, they’re products through the resort’s own effort, from its natural nursery, developed with adoration and delicacy. Experience conventional Kodagu accommodation, where the gritty lap of nature mixes in flawlessly with current extravagances. 

Nature’s Splendor 

Situated on the eastern inclines of these reaches, Heritage Resort Coorg is an ideal spot to encounter the biodiversity in Coorg. Coorg is home to various creatures including the wild elephant, sloth bear panther, wild pig, jackal, hyena, porcupine, star turtle, pangolin, mongoose, and screen reptile. There are around 230 types of birds recorded in the space, for example, the Malabar Trogon, Flame Throated Bulbul, Plum Headed Parakeet, White Bellied Blue Flycatcher, Crimson Fronted Barbet, Gray Francolin, Barred Buttonquail, Common Kestrel and White-throated Kingfisher. Some of them can be spotted just external your window at the property! 

Culinary Experience 

When in Coorg, you can’t miss the nearby Kodava cooking of this charming slope station. Ensure you don’t pass up appreciating the specialities at Heritage Resort Coorg’s Mask Restaurant. It would be a transgression not to attempt these Kodava dishes! 

Kadumbutto: Steam rice dumplings are a staple, eaten with hot curries. Drop into a neighborhood eatery to give them a shot! 

Pandhi Curry: It’s a vigorously spiced pork curry, cooked in coconut and unique Coorgi flavors like Malabar tamarind and cardamom, and is eaten with Kadumbutto or Akki roti (rice-based roti). It’s certainly an absolute necessity attempt! 

Baimbale: A bamboo shoot curry with tamarind, mustard, red chillies, and coconut. A delicacy for veggie lovers! 

A World of Coffee and Spices 

Assuming there is one thing that characterizes Coorg the best, it must be the endless grand fields of espresso manors. Coorg is perhaps the most elevated maker of espresso in India. A portion of the world’s best espresso is filled in Coorg, and the inclines are evocated with the smell of fine Arabica and Robusta. The slopes of Coorg have additionally been a stock warehouse for the acclaimed flavors of Malabar. Pepper, cloves, cardamom, kokum, cinchona, and different stars of the legendary zest course are occupants of these slopes. Pepper of Coorg is effectively supposed to be the awesome since old occasions, brokers have arrived on the adjoining Malabar Coast of Kerala to take heaps of this dark fortune to the various pieces of the world.

Nature Trails and Sightseeing 

Espresso Estate 

On the off chance that you are an espresso sweetheart, Coorg is the spot for you! Go for a stroll through the lavish manors and test some new espresso. Find out about the intriguing history of espresso and its making interaction. In the event that you visit during the berry-picking season, you can assist local people on the ranch too. 

Dubare Elephant Camp 

In the event that the possibility of elephants strolling around in their common natural surroundings energizes you, Dubare Elephant Camp is the place where you should head. Prestigious for Asiatic Black Elephants, Dubare Elephant Camp in Coorg offers an opportunity to comprehend these glorious animals intently. Venture out in the water for an elephant prepping meeting and appreciate seeing their satisfaction as they are scoured and oiled by the overseers. 

Namdroling Monastery – Bylakuppe 

Bylakuppe is the solitary Tibetan settlement in South India and its entryways open to an altogether unique world. It is home to the radiant Namdroling Monastery or Golden Temple, which is situated a good ways off of around 34 km from Madikeri. The excellent cloister is probably the best illustration of Tibetan engineering and fine art, which is recognizable in its elaborate external dividers, brightened sanctuary tower and clear utilization of shadings. The town wakes up and will amuse you during the Tibetan New Year Festival (Losar). The Buddhist state here conveys a piece of Tibet in itself, and the universal maroon and yellow robes will have you twofold checking in case you’re as yet in South India. 


To take in the excellence of dusks, head to Mandalpatti in Coorg. Appreciate the perspectives as the sun sinks behind the slopes, leaving a sprinkle of orange and pink in the sky. The most ideal approach to arrive at Mandalpatti, to get an exciting encounter, is by taking a jeep or a bicycle ride through the winding streets. 

Omkareshwara Temple 

Ruler Lingarajendra developed the heavenly Omkareshwara Temple as an accolade for Lord Shiva in the mid 1800s. Encircled by a flawless stream, there are viewpoints suggestive of both Muslim and Gothic impacts in its design. One of the most seasoned and lovely sanctuaries of Coorg, Omkareshwara Temple is an unquestionable requirement visit while in the slope station.