Best Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

Honeymoon is the most precious time for a newlywed couple. It’s a time to relax and enjoy the company of each other alone after such a long tiring wedding. It’s essential to choose the right place where you want to go and enjoy it because it’s the first trip for a couple after their marriage and it also will be the best memories for them. But many options make it challenging to decide which is your ideal place to visit for the trip as every place is unique and different.


Greece is listed as one of the most romantic places in the world. It’s a land of history, and its unforgettable beauty makes it the most appropriate place for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. There are many places to explore, like the sea typified by white walls and the small beautiful cities. It’s also famous for its fresh seafood cuisine. There are many beautiful honeymoon resorts for the lovebirds, which you can rent as a whole to enjoy your honeymoon. You can also explore Puerto Rico Honeymoon destinations.


Colombia is famous for its nighttime romance as romance is in the air at night here. This is one of the best options for a honeymoon. There are many things to do here. You can spend your honeymoon in luxury hotels, watching the beautiful sunset together, walking on streets together, and exploring the historical and new Colombia. Don’t forget the food; it has the best fish varieties for you to enjoy. If you want to do something magnificent and feel like a cowboy, you can explore the terrain on horseback for days, or you can watch birds together. Everything about Colombia is so romantic you can’t miss this chance to express your love for each other.

Sunnmore Alps and Lofoten Western Norway

It’s a place for people who love nature. It’s a beautiful place that will amaze you with its beauty. The mountains covered with ice make it a very romantic place. You can go hiking, surfing, climbing or even take a whale safari by rib. You can also rent a private yacht to ski on the mountain alone with your partner. At night you can enjoy the colorful northern lights together while being surrounded by the mountain peaks, making it even more romantic. The best part is you can visit here in any month of the year.

Puglia, Italy

Puglia and romance are like synonyms of each other. This place is an idol for honeymoons all year round. There are so many beautiful Italian beaches. You can go for candlelight dinner or just walk around with your partner on the beach. There are also many finest luxury resorts, especially for honeymoon couples. Many resorts are family-owned and operated. There are saltwater pools and golf courses just next to the ocean. The UNESCO world heritage tower is another catchy place in Puglia where you can spend time exploring that place. You can stop by some sites for classic Italian foods like pasta and seafood. You should visit this place and make so many unforgettable memories together. Check out more details on Wisconsin.


If you are a wildlife lover, this place is just for you. Zambia in Southern Africa is considered one of the best places for exploring wildlife. It is one of the most animal-populated places on earth. You can go to the national parks and see the wild animals up close and learn a lot about their lifestyle. If you want to do something thrilling, you can also go to Devil’s pool to peer over the edge at the thundering water below. You can also go fishing, canoeing, or enjoy the sunset at the riverbank together. There is a lot more to do and explore, and you will be thrilled and amazed with its wildlife beauty.

I hope it will help you find the type of place you want to spend your precious honeymoon time with your partner.