Can I weigh my luggage on a scale?

When packing for your trip, one of the most important things to do is to make sure you pack the right amount of luggage. Unfortunately, not all bags are equal, and some may be heavier than others. If you’re flying with checked baggage, airline officials will often require that your bag weigh at least 22 pounds (10 kilograms) to be allowed on the plane. But what if you only have carry-on luggage? Is it possible to weigh it on a scale?

The answer, unfortunately, is no – unless your suitcase is made entirely of metal. Fortunately, there are other ways to measure the weight of your luggage – by using luggage weight scale, for example. But is this really the best way to determine if your bag is heavy enough?

Some people think that using a luggage weight scale might not be the best idea. They argue that it’s not always accurate and that there are other ways to determine whether your bag is too heavy for travel. For example, you can use the dimensions of your bag to estimate its weight. Or you can use the weight of other items in your luggage to get an idea of how much space your bag is taking up.

So which method should you use? Ultimately, it depends on the individual. Some people might feel more comfortable using a scale, while others might prefer to rely on other methods.

The best way to determine if your bag is too heavy for travel is to check with your airline. They’ll be able to tell you what the maximum weight limit for your particular flight is, and they also might have other guidelines or regulations that you need to meet.

Why do travelers want to know if their luggage is overweight?

When you’re packing for your vacation, it’s important to be mindful of the weight of your luggage. But what if your bag is overweight, and you can’t fit everything in your suitcase? Can you weigh your luggage on a scale before you check it in?

Yes, you can weigh luggage on a scale before checking it in at the airport. In most cases, doing this will avoid having to pay an additional fee for oversize baggage. Not only that, but knowing the weight of your luggage will help ensure that it arrives safely and without damage.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate a scale at the airport or a nearby hotel. You can also find scales at some convenience stores. If you’re flying internationally, be sure to check with the airline about their weight restrictions for luggage.
  2. Place the suitcase on the scale and press down firmly on both sides of the suitcase. Be sure to keep the suitcase level and upright while weighing it.
  3. Write down the weight of the suitcase on a piece of paper or record it electronically. You’ll need this information when checking in your luggage.
  4. If you’re flying domestically, most airlines will allow you to check your luggage up to a weight of 50 pounds more than the maximum weight allowed for your destination. For example, if your destination is allowed a maximum weight of 20 pounds, you can check your bag up to 30 pounds overweight.

Are scales perfect for weighing luggage?

luggage weight scale,

When checking in for your flight, most airlines will require that you weigh your luggage. However, not all scales are perfect for this task. In fact, some scales can be inaccurate and may give you a different weight than what you actually packed.

To make sure that your luggage gets weighed on the proper scale, take the following steps:

  1. Get a digital luggage scale that can measure in pounds and kilograms.
  2. Remove all of your clothing and belongings from the bag.
  3. Place the empty bag on the scale and press down hard on the bottom so that it is level with the platform.
  4. Wait until the weight reading appears on the screen, then read it off to ensure accuracy.

Now that you know how to weigh your luggage on a scale, be sure to do so before check-in to avoid any additional fees!

How to weigh your luggage: Three ways

There are three ways to weigh your luggage: using a counter, using a luggage scale, or using a weight chart.

To use a counter, find the nearest public counter and wait in line. When it’s your turn, present your ticket and check the list of items allowed on the plane. Place each item on the counter and wait for the clerk to call out its weight.

To use a luggage scale, place the luggage on the scale and press the “on” button. The reading will appear on the display. To get an accurate reading, make sure that both weights are placed exactly on the center of the scale.

To use a weight chart, find an online weight chart and print it out. Compare the printed weights to those listed in your airline’s baggage policy.

Remember to check your airline’s baggage policy before you travel, so that you know what items are allowed and how much weight they can carry.


The answer to this question depends on the type of scale you are using. Some luggage scales have digital readouts that will show you the weight of your bag as it is being weighed, while others may only have a dial reading. If you are not sure which type of scale your luggage has, you can check the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly for more information.