Know Everything About Dubai Transit Visa

Do you plan to stopover or layover in the UAE? Get a transit visa for stays between 48 and 96 hours before you catch your next flight out of the country to make the most of your time. Here we will find out what a Dubai transit visa is and how to apply for one.

You will at least occasionally find yourself at Dubai airport if you travel abroad frequently. Dubai’s international airport is quite interesting, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could explore the city as you transit? That is likely if you obtain a transit visa.

What is Dubai Transit Visa?

There are two types of transit visas for Dubai. 48-hour visas and 96-hour visas are available. Depending on your visa type, you can stay and sightsee in Dubai for 48 hours or 96 hours. Returning to the airport must be made within this period. A transit visa is not required for visitors from countries that do not require visas to visit Dubai or who are qualified for a visa on arrival. The only exception is citizens from all other nations who are transiting via Dubai airport and desire to explore the city.

Types of Dubai Transit Visa

Two types of transit visas are available to UAE residents, a 48 hour transit visa and a 96 hour transit visa. Before you arrive in the country, you must apply for a visa.

48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa:- Prior to arriving in the country, you must apply for a visa. UAE 48-hour transit visas expire after 14 days within 30 days of issuance. In addition, the 48-hour visa cannot be extended.

96 Hours Transit Visa:- Passengers traveling through Dubai now have access to a Dubai transit visa for 96 hours. This visa is valid for passengers who have confirmed flights from India to Dubai as well as from Dubai to another destination. Dubai Airport is the only location where the 96-hour Transit Visa is valid, but passengers can travel all over the UAE with it. Business travelers or travelers who stopover en route to their destination often choose this type of Visa.

How To Apply For Dubai Transit Visa

You can obtain a Dubai visa if you have traveled before and have no criminal history within the last five years. A Dubai Visa can be obtained even if you have not traveled abroad if you provide financial records of the company, profession, or employment, or an invitation from an immediate relative who lives in the UAE with family status.

The following steps will help you obtain a Dubai visa quickly:

1. Duly fill up your visa application
2. Submit clear scanned documents relevant for visa processing
3. Make payment

Prerequisites For Dubai Transit Visa

If you are qualified for a Dubai transit visa, there are a few requirements you must meet. The following are some of them:

• In Dubai, you should have at least eight hours of transit
• Hotel bookings may be necessary
• A Dubai transit visa is unlikely to be granted to a woman under 30 traveling alone.

Documents Required for a Transit Visa in Dubai

There are only some things you require to submit when applying for a Dubai transit visa, though documentation is not extensive.

• Passport: You must supply copies of your passport’s first and last pages. Be sure that the validity of your passport is at least six months past the date of departure.
• Photograph: You must submit a passport-sized photograph with white background. You should ensure that your photo is clear and doesn’t have any shades. Avoid wearing spectacles or sunglasses. Make sure you can clearly see your subject’s entire face.
• Air ticket: In order to travel to a foreign country, you must deliver a confirmed air ticket. It is impossible to obtain a transit visa if you do not have a return ticket to the destination.

The most essential thing to comprehend about Dubai transit visas is that they are not renewable nor extendable. You will need a 30-day or longer tourist visa if you plan to stay for a long time. Even if you are only planning to stay in Dubai for a short time, the transit visa is suitable. Because the airport is conveniently encountered in the middle of the metropolis, you can smoothly move to the place’s main attractions, even for a fast tour.

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