Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Lakes … so far






Well, did you know that there are 1,484 lakes in Switzerland? 🙂 Well, to visit all of them in such a short time would be a bit crazy. But so far, we have managed to visit a huge number of these earthly creatures! And now it is the right time for you guys to pass on the knowledge! You might want to include some of these lakes in your travel itinerary if you are planning your trip to Switzerland ! Let’s start now!

Have a look at the lakes now:

Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Lakes


Älplisee is definitely one of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes! Drive to Arosa and park your car at Hörnli in order to admire this beautiful mountain lake. If you’re not renting a car, take the train to Arosa and take the free bus to Hörnli station from Arosa. You’ve got two options now. One is to hike up to the Älplisee all the way up. It will take you around 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete the whole route up and down. You’re even going to have to cross another lovely lake called the Schwellisee. Another option is to take a cable car to Hörnlihütte to see the Älplisee. Here, find more info. The cable car option is much easier, as you will only have to go down to the Älplisee for about 40 minutes and then go back to the parking lot for another half an hour.


Urdensee is certainly one of our favourite lakes in Switzerland. Its colour, its environment, its serenity. It’s all perfect! The good news is that on the same hiking trail, the Älplisee and Urdensee can both be admired! When you take the cable car to Hörnlihütte, consider a 30-minute hike down to Lake Urdensee. You have to go back to the cable car station and continue the hiking trail in the direction of the Älplisee if you wish to see the Älplisee too. Don’t worry, everything in Switzerland is well-labeled. Simply follow the signs!

Klöntalersee See

Klöntalersee is a lovely lake in the Canton of Glarus. In summer, swimming in the lake and hiking in the surrounding mountains are possible. Park your car near the lake and go up to a viewpoint called Schwammhöhe for 20 minutes. There are spectacular views!


A fantastic hiking destination is Bannalpsee. It is situated near Engelberg, just south of Lake Lucerne. Take a cable car to the lake and walk for about 1 hour around the lake. Once finished, you have many hiking trails to choose from in all directions.


One of the most beautiful lakes is probably Caumasee. Its turquoise water is impressive and its tiny island is an eye-catcher. It is a great place for a summer yoga workout because of its meditative touch. In winter, the various shades of blue are even more significant. Therefore, a visit in the winter may also be a good option.


Another lake which is worth a visit is Crestasee. It is known for the colour of its green water. With this attractiveness, you will be invited to dive into the lake. The good news is that it’s only a 10-minute drive between Crestasee and Caumasee, which makes it easy for you to visit both on the same day!


Lungernsee is definitely one of the most beautiful lakes. You will see the viewpoint when driving from Brünig to Hasliberg, where you can take some great photos of the lake. The photo really can’t convey the beauty of the lake, so convince yourself by visiting it alone!


You will find the Engstlensee in the Obwalden Canton in Switzerland. It’s one of Switzerland ‘s lovely lakes that can be accessed by car! When you get to Meiringen, drive another 40 minutes to the Engstlenalp Hotel. The walk to this mountain lake is about 10 minutes. I felt like I was in a fairytale when I was standing beside this lake. It’s worth it!


The Gelmersee is not only one of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes, but probably one of the world’s most beautiful lakes! Saying this, I mean that the colour is excellent, the surrounding mountains come in various shapes and it has a meditative effect! A must see is this lake.


The Vierwaldstättersee, also called Lake Lucerne, is one of the most popular and thus the most photographed lakes in Switzerland. This photo was taken from Grosser Mythen, the majestic mountain. From the mountains, such as Felsenweg Bürgerstock, Pilatus and Rigi, you can enjoy other great views of the lake. With its great location, if you want to take some stunning pictures of the lake too, Brunnen is a great city to visit.


This is a winter lake that I want you to visit! It’s also nice in summer, but definitely not as picturesque as in winter. You can even go cross-country skiing along the lake in winter. Located in Einsiedeln, this beautiful lake in Switzerland is only a 50-minute drive from Zurich.


Walensee is one of our preferred lakes. It makes it a great day trip with numerous hiking trails in the surrounding mountains. Make sure to visit the Chapf vantage point and check out


The canton of Appenzell is great for hiking. At Wasserauen, park your car and take the cable car to Ebenalp. Once there, make your way down to the famous Aescher and then follow the path to the Seealpsee. Take a hike and enjoy the beautiful landscape around the lake.

Genfersee (aka Leman Lake)

In the French part of Switzerland, Genfersee is located. One side of the lake actually belongs to Switzerland, the other to France! Thanks to its summer activities, such as surfing, boating, stand-up paddling and water skiing, the lake is popular. But the most charming thing about it is the castle of Chillon! Consider taking a boat cruise to the castle from Vevey or Montreax and taking a walk back to the towns along the lake. The surrounding mountains, the castle and the clear waters. Did we spark your lust for the lake? 🙂 I hope! Well, there are many more Swiss lakes, such as the Bluesee, Bachalpsee and Rachalpsee, out there to explore!