Top Treks in Sikkim

Sikkim is a very beautiful state in eastern part of India filled with an abundance of natural beauty.Snow capped mountains , lakes , waterfalls , picturesque villages , deep forests , local people and monasteries together form the beauty that is Sikkim. Sikkim offers such scenic places and a plethora of trekking . Sikkim is also a hotspot for adventure seekers . One can go to the impassable monasteries ,can do  river rafting in Teesta river , also can do paragliding , yak riding ,mountain biking in Gangtok . One must go for a trek in the top Trek routes of Sikkim just to taste the adventure and to have an  unforgettable life long memory . 

There are a lot of trekking routes in Sikkim for both nature lovers and adventure seekers .
  • GOECHA LA Trek:-      If anyone    wants to get a chance to visit the hallowed land of the highest mountain in India in the kingdom of Sikkim then this trek is for you . Starting from yuksom with elevation of 15100 feet , passing through sloppy rocks ,glaciers, thin air, low temperature of about – 5 to – 20-degree centigrade makes it one of the toughest Trek in India . Right from day one The Conjuring range covers the north sky and grows in size as we inch closer and closer until Goechala. The snow-capped mountains with thick vegetation , local peoples with their yaks along with the load on their backs , colourful rhododendrons spring  is a very common sight along the track. You are going to see closely Kanchenjunga and 14 other summits as well in the total trek, which is enough for any best trek. It is an enormously pleasing walk through the rhododendron forests in the month of March and April, with pink and red flowers . The crystal clear Samiti lake is another attraction in this trekking route, you will be astonished by the reflection of mountain pandim especially in early hours . Although it is a 12-14 days long moderate to difficult level trek it will give you an unforgettable lifelong experience of the Himalayas.

🔸Best time:- The peak season is from September to November to have a snowy experience . And from March to may is also  very mesmerizing for its pink and red rhododendron forests.

  • Dzongri top Trek:- This is one of the most popular short high altitude trekking destinations in Sikkim. If you are not fit enough for Goechala trek aur if you are on a busy hectic schedule , this trek is for you because it is just a shorter version of  Goechala trek. This trek offers a surreal 360 degree view of the entire Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya from 4250 mts . Starting from yuksom, to pass through dense forest of oak and rhododendron trees through Kanchenjunga National park. The sound of the hidden rivers and waterfalls will just relax your mind throughout this trek . Dzongri top trekking is best for beginner level trekkers as well. The other major attraction is the holy and Pristine Lake- Lakshmi pokhari , which also gives a view of Mount pandim and Mount Thenchingkhang, its crystal clear water.

🔸 Best time :- for this track the best season is between mid March to mit June . And also from September till November . You should not go there in any monsoon season.

  • Tinjurey trek:- In Nepali language Jurey means the crest of a hill, this place had three ‘jurey’ that’s why it’s known as Tinjurey . although this track is very easy but it will give you one of the most exciting and heart whelming views of mountains. You  will see yourself surrounded by Mount peaks, with clear sky , noise free rhododendron forests, and only 5 -10 visitor’s in this track. It is very much accessible from Gangtok . If you are lucky enough you are going to see a Red panda in the jungle . The trails are basically situated in fambong lho wildlife sanctuary , here you can see a lot of foreign bird  species as well as on hornbills ,barking deer ,Himalayan bears ,Musk deer,  red foxes and takin as well . This  easy 4 to 5 day trek can only take 1 to 2 days to complete but it will give precious memory as well.


  • Singalila pass trek:- singer Leela Trek route covers the south west area of Dzongri and the overall singalila range, that starts from Darjeeling district and extends  to convert with  Kanchenjunga massif . The trail covers the whole singalila National park and Kanchenjunga National park today lots of flora and fauna including rhododendrons and oaks, fern species as well as lots of bird species. The singer Leela top is the most prominent place to witness the majestic Kanchenjunga in sleeping Buddha formation. You are also going to witness the stunning panoramic view of mountain Simbu , mountain siniolchu, the river Teesta and rural villages of Sikkim .

🔸 Best time:-. The peak seasons     are March to may & October to December . This easy level Trek can take a total 7 to 8 days to complete singalila top (12150 ft) trek.


  • Green Lake trek:- another most challenging and rewarding track is the green Lake Trek in Sikkim. Although you cannot see the large lake as previously, now, but the adjacent untouched zemu glacier will refresh you immediately . The whole trail is too close to the border of Tibet , so you can enrich yourself with Tibetan culture also. In the spectacular high altitude lake trek you are going to witness the unseen view of mount Kanchenjunga and mount siniolchu. Ascending height of 16191 ft , Narrow Rocky trails ,snowfall in winter season , presence of  snow leopard make this  12-14 days trek , an adventurous Trek also.


  • Others:- There are also some other top treks in Sikkim like  Ratey chu trek(3800 m) , Lhaba pass trek(4200m) , Tosha lake trek etc.