Reasons Why You Need to Backup G Suite Data

Millions of users across the globe utilize one of the most powerful & reliable SaaS, such as G Suite. As it comes from the Google family, its reputation automatically gets increases. However, today more users are now trying to steal each other data or want to harm them. So G Suite is no exception as multiple techniques have evolved, affecting the user G Suite data.

If you are using G Suite services and think your data is safe, you are wrong. Google itself says that the user is only responsible for their data. So you need to think about backup G Suite data to prevent a difficult position. .

Top 5 Reasons to Backup G Suite Data

After gaining some knowledge about some minor details about the need to take backup. Now we’ll explore some of the common reasons why the user should take the backup of G Suite regularly.

Fortuitous Deletion of Data by User

One of the common incidents that every user might have faced is that they start receiving the notification to free up the storage. It is due to the insufficient space left on their account.

This will urge the user to delete some data, so by mistake the important data might get deleted. It is recommended to take the G Suite back up regularly in order to isolate from such incidents. We will also suggest some reliable ways to create the backup in the next section of the article.

Outages & Shutdown

You might have opted for the SaaS for the better productivity of your organization, but outages by the cloud-based service can put a break in your company’s productivity. In simpler terms, Google in the past have gone for updation, so during that time, the user will be unable to access their data. If you have the G Suite backup, then you can easily have access to all the data stored in your G Suite account.

Loss of Devices

G Suite makes life easier for its users to access their data anywhere and from any location. But, there is a flip side to this leverage due to the user account login on multiple other devices. If in case the user’s mobile phone, laptop, or the device on which the user account is running gets stolen, then the user data may get deleted.

For Legal Compliances & Legal Purposes

Regardless of its size and market capitalization, any company needs to maintain and hold the data for compliance and legal purposes. As Google Vault tool can help you to take maintain the data for a time until it does not get deleted. So having such limitations opens up the gate for employing professional G Suite backup software to overcome all such issues.

Employee Exit

It is also one of the reasons why the companies look to create the backup of user G Suite mailboxes. Whenever the employee takes the exit, the company will need to reuse that account license. For this Google Takeout can help to backup G Suite data but cannot restore all data from the user’s G Suite account.

Be it an accidental deletion of the data by a user or an employee exit. The company needs to employ a solution to back up G Suite data and restore the data while providing data safety assurance.

As manual backup procedure comes with many limitations, utilizing professional software would definitely bring good results.

Why is Shoviv G Suite Backup Software the preferred Solution?

Even the manual utility such as Google Takeout and Vault comes with multiple limitations, which we have already discussed. It is better to use perfect G Suite backup software. There are multiple queries on the web for the best tool for creating a copy of the G Suite user mailboxes. The one which many IT professional has recommended is Shoviv G Suite backup & restore software; this solution has lots of advantages over the conventional backup approach.

This software will create the G Suite user mailboxes backup into Outlook PST. Along with taking backup, this tool also promises to restore the PST into the G Suite mailboxes without causing or affecting adversely to their data integrity.

  • Irrespective of the number of user mailboxes, the software takes backup of all simultaneously.
  • The incremental Backup function helps resume any interrupted process, and it makes sure to create a backup without data duplicity.
  • Facilitates users to schedule the G Suite data backup periodically into three time frames Daly, Weekly, and Monthly.
  • Provides several filter options to back up only the desired user data.

Wrap Up

It is clear that users are solely responsible for maintaining their data. We have discussed a lot about solutions to backup G Suite data in this write-up. Now, you need to think about taking advantage of such utility or not. Utilizing the best one comes with multiple advantages and helps to save a lot of time which the business can invest in some other productive work.