3 things to consider when making a 3D virtual tour

This past year, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live our lives especially in how we shop. To prevent getting infected from the virus, most people will stay at their homes and will not come out unless it is necessary. This is the reason why people prefer to do online research instead of going out to discover new things. As a result, the 3D virtual tour industry has become increasingly popular in these recent years.

A Google virtual tour lessens the need of a person to go to a location just to check it out. This resulted in many people going to a certain place for a more serious purpose other than just knowing what the place looked like. This has become very beneficial especially for those who wish to purchase a house during the quarantine period. Thus, many property agents, along with other businesses, have decided to use virtual tours.

Creating your own 3D virtual tour is possible due to the many user-friendly platforms available. Thus, one may think that it is easy to create a virtual tour. However, there are things that you need to consider before you can create a Google virtual tour. That is why in this article, we’ll give three things to consider when making a 3D virtual tour.

#1 – Photography skills

A Google virtual tour is composed of images that are pieced together to create an interactive simulation reality. Thus, you need quality photos to create a 3D virtual tour. You cannot use any pictures you find online to create the Google virtual tour. That is why you must visit the location and take the pictures yourself. Therefore, it is important to consider your photography skills to create a 3D virtual tour.

When taking pictures for the Google virtual tour, you need panoramic images. That is why you must practice taking panoramic images beforehand. Moreover, finding the right angle is also important to emphasize certain areas of the location. That is why you need to learn 3D virtual tour photography techniques before you can create a Google virtual tour.

#2 – Editing skills

Aside from photography skills, you will need to have editing skills. Pictures will not always come out perfect. There will always be obstructions while you’re taking pictures for the 3D virtual tour. An example of this is when you are taking photos of a house interior. A home will always have a mirror thus, there is a great chance that your reflection will be caught in images. 

Another scenario is when you are taking pictures outdoors. Even if you serve the place, vehicles and people can still photobomb your pictures. Furthermore, lighting is not always consistent outside. You can fix these issues if you know how to edit photos to be used in a Google virtual tour. Therefore, you must be familiar with advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to be able to create quality photos for the 3D virtual tour.

#3 – Expertise in the 3D Google virtual tour creator platform

Most recently, a lot of do-it-yourself Google virtual tour creator platforms have emerged to accommodate the growing number of demands for a 3D virtual tour. Most of these platforms compete in being the easiest to use. However, despite being user-friendly, these Google virtual tour platforms require training to be able to use them.

If you are the one who will create the Google virtual tour, you must get familiar with the 3D virtual tour software that you will use. You need to know how to piece the images together to create a cohesive Google virtual tour. Furthermore, you also need to learn how to add features such as audio narration or a text description. You must also learn how to make the 3D virtual tour easy to navigate so your audience will not get lost. That is why apart from learning photography skills and photo editing, you also need to master the Google virtual tour platform that you will use to create the 3D virtual tour.

From what you have read, there are three important things that you need to learn to create a quality 3D virtual tour that you can integrate into your website. Not mastering even one of these skills can bring down the quality of the Google virtual tour. Thus, you won’t be able to fully benefit from a low-quality 3D virtual tour. 

If you don’t have the time and patience to learn these Google virtual tour skills, that is fine. That is because you can hire a more experienced professional for the 3D virtual tour job. If you are looking for prospects.