4 Common Mistakes with Cybersecurity and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that a single data breach can cost a company $4.24 million? Since this sum is higher than it has been in 17 years, safeguarding your enterprise’s information is more important than ever. This means avoiding costly mistakes with cybersecurity at all costs.

But what are some of the errors that you most need to avoid? Read on to learn about these mistakes and the actionable steps you can take to prevent them.

1. Not Investing in Up-to-Date Software

Because technology is always changing, the way that unauthorized users breach networks are also evolving every day. Cybercriminals get new technologies to help them infiltrate these systems. They also see the ways that companies like yours keep them out and come up with solutions to these barriers.

Having outdated security software is therefore unlikely to help you against modern threats. Make sure that you and your IT team work together regularly to upgrade these technologies when necessary.

2. Neglecting to Train Employees

Research from Stanford shows that 88% of security breaches are the result of employee error. Training your employees to use the web and their work software correctly can prevent most mistakes from taking place. This eliminates the chances that common cyber threats will come into your system because an employee clicked a wrong button or allowed suspicious cookies.

3. Opening Unknown Links

Similarly, you should also remember to look over training information every once in a while. You should specifically look at links that are suspicious. Many hackers install harmful malware on your computer by sending an email- sometimes even one that looks very professional- and having you click on it.

Site blockers can also help you to prevent suspicious links from appearing, especially in the form of ads. Eliminate the possibility of you or employees clicking these links by blocking certain websites around the workplace.

4. Forgetting About Security Testing

Testing your cybersecurity for weak spots is essential to ensuring that you don’t encounter future issues. If even a small fragment of your system is weak, it’s vulnerable to hackers and malware breaching it. Think of your network as being coated in a suit of armor- a single chink in that armor can lead to a fatal blow.

Make sure that you have IT experts simulate breaches to discover whether there are any issues. If they are, these professionals can identify openings and install the appropriate technology to fix them. This critical aspect of good cyber security plans is a good way to preemptively nip problems in the bud.

Beyond Avoiding Common Mistakes With Cybersecurity

While making mistakes with cybersecurity can be a natural result of negligence, it can be extremely costly. You need to stay on top of your security measures in order to keep company and employee data safe, avoid lawsuits, and maintain a reputation.

Now that you know how to avoid these issues, it’s time to learn more. Check out the rest of our webpage for business tips and digital trends that can help to safeguard your information.