50+ Interesting Facts About Social Media

In the current world, the usage of social media is sky-rocketing. People use social media for various purposes such as buying, selling, interacting, working, advertising, and gaming, and with 4Hub, you can download your favorite content from these apps. The possibilities are never-ending.

All of us are users of platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, but how much do we know about these social media platforms? Listed below are over 50 interesting facts about the various social media platforms whose knowledge will help you understand, especially if you are into the social media marketing or advertising professions.

So without waiting much longer, let’s get started.

50+ Interesting Facts About Social Media

Social Media Facts:

  1. On average, an internet user has 8.6 social media accounts.
  2. Per day, about 720,000 hours of videos are shared across various social media platforms.
  3. According to one study, if brands post destructive content, almost 51% of people will unfollow, and 27% will report those brands.
  4. Social media is responsible for the reduction in face-to-face conversations.
  5. A photo of an egg is the most liked post on Instagram.
  6. Every 1 in 5 divorces has social media involvement.
  7. More time is spent on social networking by people, as compared to shopping, browsing, etc

Facebook Facts:

  1. There are over 10 billion brands that use Facebook for advertising purposes.
  2. The average Facebook user spends at least 34 minutes per day on the platform.
  3. Facebook is home to more than 10 million advertisers.
  4. It has a higher engagement percentage as compared to YouTube.
  5. Facebook has around 500.000 new users joining per day.
  6. 96% of monthly users make use of their mobiles to access Facebook.
  7. The average Facebook user spends at least 59 minutes on it.
  8. About 500 million stories are posted on Facebook each day.
  9. About 65% of users of Facebook are aged below 35.

Instagram Facts:

  1. According to Instagram, more than half of its users seem to develop an interest in brands after seeing ads for the same.
  2. Instagram is home to more than 200+ million business accounts.
  3. The average Instagram user spends at least 30 minutes per day on the platform.
  4. Almost 80% of Instagram’s users reside outside the United States of America.
  5. Almost 95 million photos are uploaded on Instagram daily.
  6. Nearly 71% of Instagram users are millennials.
  7. In popularity, Instagram ranks second.
  8. Instagram has a higher interaction rate than any other social media platform.

Snapchat Facts:

  1. The majority of Snapchat users are female.
  2. On average, a user who actively uses Snapchat opens the app at least 18 times a day.
  3. The average Snapchat user spends at least 25 minutes per day on it.
  4. Over 210 million snaps are sent across daily.
  5. In terms of popularity, Snapchat is ranked 10th.
  6. Snapchat is more popular than Instagram among 18-24.
  7. The creators of Snapchat failed 34 times before it became a significant hit.
  8. Google made a bid of $30 billion for Snapchat back in 2016.

TikTok Facts:

  1. The platform having the youngest user base is TikTok.
  2. The average TikTok user spends over 850 minutes on it per month.
  3. TikTok has been banned in India since 2020.
  4. TikTok has over 600 million users active daily in China.
  5. In 2020, TikTok was the most popular app globally.

YouTube Facts:

  1. YouTube is available in 76 languages across 88 countries.
  2. People tend to use YouTube more likely from their phones than other devices.
  3. On average, nearly 1 billion hours of YouTube video content is viewed each day.
  4. The majority of YouTube users are male.
  5. In terms of popularity, YouTube ranks 5th.
  6. Around 30,000 hours of videos are posted on YouTube each hour.

Twitter Facts:

  1. Tweets with images are more likely to be retweeted than text tweets.
  2. Twitter is more prevalent in the United States, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico.
  3. It is used by nearly 45% of Americans.
  4. Twitter has 335 million users that actively use it.
  5. Nearly 73% of Twitter users also make use of Instagram.
  6. Nearly 5,787 tweets are tweeted per second.

LinkedIn Facts:

  1. On LinkedIn, an average CEO has at least 930 connections.
  2. Most LinkedIn users reside outside the United States of America.
  3. A post with a video has a higher chance of being reshared by LinkedIn users.

Pinterest Facts:

  1. There are over 170 million users actively using Pinterest.
  2. The majority of Pinterest users are female.
  3. Pinterest has about 291 million active users per month.
  4. The average Pinterest user spends at least 21 minutes per day on it.
  5. Pinterest is home to over 146 million fashion boards.

Are you surprised? These are some of the countless intriguing facts about a few of the well-known platforms of social media that I bet you did not know! I hope they have been of help to you and that you enjoyed getting to know them.