6 Best Ways to Choose Salesforce CRM Implementation Partner

Organizations of all scales are expediting their endeavors in digital transformation, driven by shifts in consumer behaviors. A multitude of them are inclined towards adopting unified solutions that offer accessibility from any location. One prominent example is the integration of customer relationship management (CRM) systems like the ones provided by Salesforce.

While delving into the realm of Salesforce CRM is a step forward, discerning the optimal products, applications, and setups that align with a company’s needs is an entirely separate challenge. This is why an overwhelming majority of Salesforce users engage proficient specialists to facilitate their initiation into the Salesforce ecosystem. These professionals are known as implementation partners. The landscape boasts an extensive network of Salesforce implementation partners, pivotal in aiding businesses to attain their CRM aspirations.

Now, let’s address some frequently ask inquiries pertaining to collaborating with a Salesforce implementation partner. Additionally, I will outline strategies to derive maximum value from this collaborative alliance.

What is a Salesforce implementation partner?

An implementation partner is a company that has undergone evaluation and endorsement by Salesforce to execute CRM solutions using the Salesforce platform.

Every implementation partner possesses expertise in specific domains, sectors, or applications. This implies that there is a partner tailored to address every requirement, obstacle, enterprise, product, field, location, and phase within the Salesforce voyage.

Salesforce implementation encompasses a multifaceted progression of introducing and integrating the Salesforce platform within an organization. However, it’s essential to recognize that this process extends well beyond the technical aspect.

The implementation journey also encompasses activities like refining data quality, integrating applications, providing training to employees, and undertaking other pivotal measures. These steps are crucial to ensure not only the comprehensive utilization of your Salesforce software by your team but also to yield substantial benefits for your business.

For more comprehensive insights into a seamless Salesforce implementation, you can delve into our latest guide.

A Salesforce implementation partner refers to an external company that collaborates with your organization. Their role involves selecting, executing, sustaining, and expanding the most suitable solution tailored to your organizational needs. This partnership is designed to facilitate your triumph throughout this undertaking.


What Does a Salesforce Implementation Partner Do?

  • They offer comprehensive guidance throughout the process of selecting optimal Salesforce products precisely aligned with your business needs.
  • They provide concise insights into Salesforce pricing, aiming to minimize costs by eliminating functionalities and features unnecessary for your business operations.
  • They ascertain the capability of your existing software to handle diverse operations and mitigate potential challenges that might arise in future updates, including concerns like security, excessive customization, and data modeling.
  • The implementation partner conducts a thorough analysis of available Apps in AppExchange, potentially obviating the need for custom development (if applicable).
  • In instances where user adoption necessitates change, they propose, assist, and manage operational adjustments.
  • Furthermore, they play a vital role in mitigating risks associated with implementation timelines, budget adherence, and project scope.


How to Choose the Best Salesforce Implementation Partner?

Cultural Alignment

It might seem unconventional, but having congruent company culture, shared vision, and a common language for communication hold greater significance than technical expertise.

To elevate your project to the level of a true success story, mutual understanding, shared enthusiasm for the work, and unwavering commitment to the project’s success are vital.

When such alignment exists, these partners go beyond executing tasks and extend to providing advice and actions that encompass the holistic well-being of your project. They offer support throughout every stage of implementation, ensuring the best possible outcomes from all angles.

Industry Expertise

Undoubtedly, a Salesforce partner might possess impressive technological prowess and a plethora of certifications. However, if they lack insight into the demands and hurdles of your industry, the likelihood is that your collaboration will yield limited results.

This is particularly pertinent when delving into highly specialized sectors such as commercial real estate or capital markets.

Much like solving a crime requires understanding the criminal’s mindset, seeking out Salesforce implementation specialists with a well-established track record of industry-oriented expertise proves to be a more prudent approach.


The journey with Salesforce is a continuous one. As your business requirements evolve and your team’s utilization of Salesforce transforms, the installation remains a work in progress. The capability to expand Salesforce in alignment with your dynamic business landscape and integrate fresh functionalities becomes imperative.

A certified Salesforce consultant doesn’t fade into the background after the initial setup concludes. What you seek is a collaborator who remains engaged in the ongoing management of Salesforce, offering recommendations, and effecting the incorporation of novel features over time. Your chosen Salesforce consulting partner assumes the role of assisting you in scaling Salesforce to accommodate your ever-evolving demands.

Geographical Presence

The geographical situation of your chosen Salesforce implementation partner becomes a pivotal consideration as you determine the preferred business engagement model. This decision encompasses options such as collaborating with a local Salesforce implementation partner, engaging an offshore specialist, or selecting a globally capable entity. Opting for the latter implies partnering with an organization situated outside your country but operating within your time zone, offering both convenience and potential cost savings.

Customer Satisfaction

An additional piece of advice that proves valuable in choosing the optimal Salesforce implementation partner is to meticulously consider the company’s rating alongside the tally of accomplished projects.

Furthermore, it’s prudent to adopt the practice of requesting customer references or perusing case studies pertaining to analogous projects. This approach offers insights into the partner’s success rate and the breadth of their experience across diverse clientele.

Platforms like themanifest.com, Clutch.co, and AppExchange stand out as invaluable and unbiased repositories of customer feedback, providing valuable perspectives.

Sustained Assistance

Another vital element to contemplate is the continuous system support accompanying your implementation. Verify that your chosen implementation partner offers not only immediate assistance but also ongoing training and documentation-related support to maintain a seamless flow.

Additionally, ensure that the implementation partner extends Salesforce support and maintenance services, enhancing scalability and proficient management of your endeavors.


Key Takeaways

Upon engagement with an organization, a Salesforce implementation partner conducts a comprehensive situational assessment to discern any existing or potential issues that could impact the implementation process. This practice offers a distinct advantage, as it equips them with the knowledge to swiftly address these challenges, allowing for the formulation of solutions that deliver a favorable impact on the organization.

This salesforce implementation collaboration empowers us to synergize our strengths with those of fellow members, culminating in a robust solution for our clientele. With this partnership, you can establish a unified point of contact throughout the project, ensuring impeccable communication and seamless coordination.

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