Facebook Jail- Why It happened and how to avoid it

Facebook can be consider the most famous social media site that people use to interact with each other. More than 2 billion people use Facebook to promote their messages, brand and connect with each other. 

But, along with promoting billion marketing and interacting opportunities and platforms Facebook also has some big problems. Facebook has put out a lot of rules and regulations and “Facebook Jail” has also increased its reach.

Now, you may be wondering What is Facebook Jail? Then, read our article to know about it and what can you do to stay away from it.

What Is Facebook Jail?

Facebook jail is the term use when someone is block or ban from the networking platform. Facebook jail report comes and takes action when someone is posting or uploading banned content or violating the guidelines of the application. Facebook uses this measure a lot to ban and block various accounts on Facebook. But, many times Facebook bans accounts due to some mistake and not for the actual reason. So do not worry and read this article and know the full information about the Facebook jail.

Reasons for Getting throw into Facebook Jail

There can be many reasons for getting into the Facebook jail however, some of the most common ones are:

  1. You can be blocked if you are posting content too quickly on your account.
  2. Facebook also bans you when you send too many friend requests in a single day from your personal account.
  3. Violating Facebook’s rules through posting inappropriate; violent content can also lead to your account getting banned
How Can you Get out of Facebook Jail?

Now you may think that how you can get out of Facebook jail, then follow these given steps and do the same.

  • Serve your jail time:

If you have been temporarily blocked then, you should wait until this temporary ban is over and then use your account once again.

  • File an appeal:

If you do not have the patience to wait for this time, then you can file an appeal to Facebook to get access to your account back.

  • Create a new account:

If you have been put into Facebook jail permanently and thinking about how to get out of Facebook jail then, you can simply create a new account for yourself. 

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