How Do I Set up My HP Printer for the First Time?

In this blog, you will get the complete guide to set up your HP printer with the device you are using. To setup HP printer to a computer for the first time, you should remove the printer and should remove the printer along with all the packing material from the box after that –

Connect the power cable first

After removing the printer from the box and also after removing the plastic wrap from the printer you have to connect the power cord and plug the printer into the wall outlet and turn on your printer for HP printer setup.

Then install the ink cartridges in your printer

Open your ink cartridge access door to install the ink cartridge; be sure that you don’t touch the black ink. Once the installation is done you have to close the ink cartridge access door.

Load the papers into the input tray for printing purposes

You have to raise the input tray and its extender also. After this, you have to slide the paper width guide all the way to the left, and then carefully you have to remove the input tray shield. You can now put the papers in it and then put out the output tray extender and lift the paper catch.

Download as well as install the printer software

The hardware of your HP printer is all set up to install the printing software; you should connect the HP printer to Wi-Fi to proceed further. Make sure not to attempt to connect the printer to the computer unless and until it is instructed to you in the printing software. We will suggest you download the latest version of the printing software for a better experience.

Lastly align the ink cartridges

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