How To Know If A Car Is Deregistered?

How to know if a Car is decommissioned? This is a question that many drivers ask themselves when they have carried out the procedure to cancel it. However, this can also be applied to a purchase criterion, to know if the car can circulate. So how do you know if a car is written off? We will explain it in the following lines.

How can we know if a car is written off?

Today this check can be done both online and offline. Although most people use the Internet for this check for the convenience that this implies. It is that the verification of the definitive deregistration status of a vehicle in the traffic records is somewhat simpler than it seems since it can be verified in the application set up by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) itself.

But for this you must have the proof of definitive cancellation that the DGT itself provides when the vehicle is canceled. This document includes a locator number that you must enter in the DGT form to be sure that the procedure was carried out correctly by auto for trade.

The proof of permanent withdrawal

Now, how can we get the aforementioned proof of permanent withdrawal? This receipt is the legal proof of the cancellation of a car in Traffic. It is obtained once the car has been delivered to an authorized scrap yard or authorized Treatment Center (CAT). Afterwards, some parts of the car may be reused in other vehicles, but that is another matter.

These authorized centers are the only ones that have the authorization to issue both the  Certificate of Destruction  and the  proof of definitive withdrawal from Traffic. Although in both cases the function is the same since the car is no longer in circulation on our roads. Likewise, these procedures must be carried out once the car is within the correct facilities, so that it can be decontaminated and recycled. According to current regulations regarding respect and sustainability with the environment.

But here we have to emphasize the responsibility of the driver to leave the car in an authorized workshop to be able to cancel it. And if they offer us a cheaper service but of doubtful legality. We recommend that it be rejected in order to avoid greater problems and not find ourselves with a surprise later, since there are many authorized scrap yards in Spain for these efforts.

But this doesn’t quite end here. Once we have taken our car out of circulation both physically and legally, we also have to cancel the circulation contracts we have with the associated companies, that is, cancel the insurance with the corresponding company and the road tax. .

Still have questions about how to know if a car has been canceled? We recommend that you contact the DGT directly, which will offer you all the details.