How to migrate email from G Suite to Office 365

If you want to migrate all your data from your G Suite account into the Microsoft 365 environment, read this content until the end. We provide you with a complete guide for G Suite to Office 365 migration and a reliable tool that effortlessly migrates G Suite data. But before that, we will elaborate on a simple definition of the G Suite and Office 365. We all know that both are cloud-based services and provide various facilities to the users like calendaring, emailing, etc.

If we talk about Office 365 also provides desktop applications to users, which helps users to ease their work. The applications include MS Outlook, Skype, Team, and many more. Both are easily accessible for users, and they can access them anywhere and anytime. This write-up will inform you about the solution which assists in migrating into your desired environment.

Reasons why users migrate from G Suite to Office 365 cloud service

The primary behind this migration task is that Office 365 provides desktop applications to the users. Office 365 has better pricing than G Suite, which is very cost-effective for most users.

Microsoft provides good technical support to the users, which is an important reason behind the G Suite to Office 365 Migration task.

Ways to migrate G Suite data into Office 365

Users have two ways to migrate G Suite data; manual and professional third-party software. Next, we will give you detailed information about why the user should avoid manual methods and why professionals always choose third-party software to perform this migration task.

Drawbacks of the Manual method:-

  1. The manual method consumes too much time for the G Suite to Office 365 migration task.
  2. It has some limitations on adding multiple G Suite mailboxes and their size.
  3. Users need help performing this migration because it is tricky to use.
  4. If we talk about the GUI of the manual method, its GUI is complicated for most users, and non-technical users can’t migrate G Suite to Office 365 easily.
  5. Users require excellent technical knowledge to process this migration task with the manual method.
  6. It is only capable of migrating some of the data of G Suite. It only migrates emails of the G Suite.
  7. There are high chances of errors in the manual method, which result is that users can lose their data permanently.

Users with lots of time can go with the manual method, but before that, read all the points we mentioned above. If you want to make this task easy and secure, choose professional third-party software.

Why professionals always prefer the Professional way

As you know, time is precious for users, and no one wants to waste their time by choosing the lengthy process to migrate G Suite to Office 365 cloud. Therefore, choose the most trustworthy software which is available on the internet. Shoviv offers advanced third-party software, which makes this task handy for users. Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool is easily accessible for users because it comes with a user-friendly GUI.

Iconic Features of this professional tool

  • It allows users to add multiple G Suite mailboxes without size limitations on them.
  • This software has an incremental export facility to resume the process where it was interrupted and prohibits data duplicity.
  • Users can easily create and run multiple jobs without affecting the speed of the process.
  • This tool keeps the folder structure and Meta properties of the data.
  • This software also offers a filter option through which users filter data. It allows users to include or exclude the desired items before processing the G Suite to Office 365 migration task.
  • Users can schedule their migration tasks timely with its scheduler option.
  • It provides an option that allows users to migrate G Suite mailboxes directly into the on-premise Exchange Server.
  • Users can easily migrate the user mailboxes to the public folders and archive mailboxes effortlessly.
  • It allows users to control the failed item count. Users can set the limit for the failed items count; if it crosses the limit, the G Suite to Office 365 Migration task automatically stops.

Users can download its free trial version for more understanding of its advanced features. Moreover, it allows users to process the first 50 items per folder in this free trial version of this software.

Users will get technical support 24*7 from Shoviv.

In Short

We mentioned both methods in detail to migrate G Suite to Office 365, which benefits the users. Now, it all depends on the user which method they want to choose to do this task. Professional experts always prefer professional third-party tools to perform this task. Before making any decision, go to the official website of Shoviv and try the G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool free trial version.