How to See Who Visited My Facebook Profile 2022?

Facebook is a social media platform which is used by a large number of users and is also accessed by them when they want to. Not only this but the users use this social media platform to access various features of Facebook like sharing posts and sharing stories, talking with people in DMs and many other things. 

Do you by any chance want to know who have visited your profile or are you looking for ways how to see who visited my Facebook profile 2020 or 2022 then you are at the right place you will all the best features you will like to know in this blog.

Let us tell you that earlier Facebook did not provided its users with the option to look at people who have recently walked through your profile. But now a god news is there that the users can now look who have seen their profile recently which means Facebook now provides with the privacy shortcuts who visited my profile but this feature is only available with iPhone and laptops or PCs and not on Android. 

Steps to see who visited your profile – 

    1. For the initial step the users need to open the web browser on the device they are using like PC or laptops. 
    2. Now they have to use their login credentials of their account like username and password and have to login into their Facebook account. 
    3. You will be directed to your Facebook profile page as soon as you have clicked on the profile icon. 
    4. Now navigate the option view page source by right clicking and then click on view page source option. 
    5. Press Ctrl+F together and then copy and paste the code in the search bar. The code which needs to be copied and pasted is BUDDY_ID. 
    6. You will be able to see a plenty of numbers; these numbers are the numbers of the Profile Ids of people on Facebook who have visited your profile recently. 
  • As soon as you will click the enter button on your keyboards you have to wait for the results. The Facebook profile of the users who has visited your profile will be shown to you but make sure you are logged into your account while doing these steps. 
  • You can check all the visitors one by one by following the steps that have been given to you above. 


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