Is Magento Web Design Necessary For Your Online Store?

There’s a good chance that all of Magento’s features are what initially attracted you to the platform, but it takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to fully make use of such features. If you want to take full advantage of what the platform has to offer, you may want to invest in a little Magento web design.

Is custom web development really necessary in order to have a successful online store? This issue depends on many factors, including how much spare time you have and the extent of your technical knowledge. Magento is an open-source platform that is endlessly customizable, but that also means that it isn’t as beginner-friendly as other platforms and may require a bit of an expert touch in order to help make it look and feel like a professional business website.

What Kind of Advantages Are There to Magento Web Design?

The key benefit to investing in a professional Magento web designer is that they will be able to outfit your website according to user expectations. The main problem that store owners run into when they try and design their website themselves is that it doesn’t quite match the functionality and aesthetics of their competitors.

You might think that this won’t matter, but over the long run, design and the facade of your online store absolutely will play an important role in how much traffic and sales you get. First you have to consider that your design and the SEO of your website is tied up with one another. If your website doesn’t cater to your users, it is unlikely to perform well in Google.

The second main point is that a professional design conveys trustworthiness. There are certain trust signals that users pick up on these days, and even if you are selling a great product, you also have to think about your brand and the atmosphere you are trying to create on your website. Outdated graphics, poor navigation, on-screen clutter, and old web design conventions will not do any favors for your conversion rate. Users are keen to pick up on signs that a website may be run by amateurs, and that could infer scams and other problems.

It’s best to simply invest in the online “face” of your business as you would with a brick and mortar storefront. Magento web design will give your website better visual appeal and also make it more functional for your users, which will in turn help the website to rank higher in Google and meet the needs of your customers. You want to aim for a professional appearance with your website as best as possible, even from a purely aesthetic standpoint. The right web designer will be able to make your online business look the part, using Magento’s open-source infrastructure and features.

A Magento Website Design Agency That Knows eCommerce

When searching for the right website design agency for your project, it’s important that they understand eCommerce and not just basic web design conventions. Certain points such as intuitive navigation, an attractive storefront, and a streamlined checkout process are absolutely essential to a successful online store, and you need to get them right.

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