Meanings of Different Snapchat Symbols

Meanings of Different Snapchat Symbols

 The snap chat users who are very active while operating snap chat may observe that they appear some small emoji icons after your friend’s name on the chat. Sometimes, you may be wondering about them what they are, and what’s their use. It is very simple and sober for everyone to understand the meaning of Snap chat icons so that we can apply it appropriately. These icons change over time mostly depends upon how you interact with that particular friend. This is what each icon means. These icons are private embedded and only can be seen by you.

Meanings of Different Snapchat Icons

We will discuss the Snapchat symbols one by one.

A Red-colored Heart Emoji

The red-colored Heart Emoji (A Best Friend Emoji) is a symbol that signifies both the individual’s ad perfect friends in a fortnight even without a break between them. This emoji also depicts that you both have been #1 best friends with each other for two or more than two weeks straight. In other words, it can be said that when you both have sent the most number of snaps to each other for two weeks, then the Red-Colored Heart Symbol with appearing next to his/ her name.

Golden (Yellow) Heart Snap Chat Emoji- 

A symbol defines Perfect Friends. It shows that both the parties, sender, and receiver have sent each other the most number of snaps, and the reply from the other side comes inconsistently. If you have sent snaps to one person, the reply would come back by the person. It can be said that you both send most snaps to each other. In case the if the person on the other side doesn’t send back you the snaps, it means you both are not best friends. You snap chat with him/ her most of the time. This all can be indicated with a Golden/ Yellow Heart.

Baby Face- 

The symbol signifies a new friendship with another person. Means, you both just became friends with each other. This symbol automatically fades away eventually you have become friends for a while.

Grey Arrow Check- 

If someone who is your friend on snap chat sends you a grey arrow check, it depicts that they’re trying to see if still you both are friends or not. The users who you’re no longer friends, it sends you messages they will appear alongside pending snap chat messages. It might be possible that your ex-friend is trying to attempt to find out if his/ her snaps appear in the grey arrow or not. Whenever you send a grey arrow check, your friend is making sure that you have not removed him/ her from your friend’s list. It can be a strange thing though.

Red Arrow Check-

On the snap chat, the red arrow check comes under six different categories of different color icons which resembles various types of features- sent messages, viewed messages, opened messages, replay, and screenshot too. These are among the categories which make you understand the things while using snap chat with friends. With the help of these icons, the different icons and notifications will repeat with the help of colors. Here is the list of various works performed with reading arrow check- Filled red arrow check, sent snapshot icons, opened snapshot icons, filled purple arrow check, filled Blue arrow check, Outlined arrow check, etc.


Fire displays that you’re on a snap streak. It also means that you have snapped the following person every day and not only you, but that person has also snapped you back. It is also known as Hot Symbol. The snap streak will appear next to your friend’s name when you both have to exchange each other snaps every day (within 24 hours for more than one consecutive day). Sometimes, you may observe, a number also appears on the next to your friend’s name which shows that for how long you both have been exchanging snaps with each other. If 7 appears next to the name, it means that you both have been changing streaks with each other regularly. Make sure that snap streak is counted for snaps only not for chats.

Screen Shot Icons- 

These are indicated with Double arrow symbols. Screenshots in snap chats are shown with the help of Double arrow symbols. There are many types of double arrow symbols- red double arrow symbols, purple double-arrow symbols, blue screenshot icon. These different colored screenshot icons show different types of screenshots taken of chats, snaps with the audio or without audio.

Replay Icons- 

This icon appears when someone replays our snaps. You’ll get only one replay within 24 hours but you can buy replays on snap chat. There are readily available many types of replay icons- red replay icon, purple replay icon, blue replay icons, and many more.

Snap Chat Hourglass-

One icon that signified a dying streak. This emoji acts as a warning symbol that your streak is going to end. Quickly you have to send another snap if you want to keep your streak alive. When the Snapchat Hourglass symbol appears next to your friend’s name, it shows that your streak is about to fade away and comes to an end. To keep the streak going on, just send quickly another streak to that person. However, chats don’t have any effect on the snap streak.

As for many people, snap chat is very entertaining but difficult to operate. There we have provided with a lot of filters, trophies, lenses, emojis, and many more features. The features can be described with different icons and emojis to represent different meanings. Icons appear in snap chat are used to present relationships including, the status of your pictures send or received streak and other information. Further, after gathering detailed information related to snap chat emojis, you can share it with your friends, relatives, and family too.

We will keep working on various symbols on snap chat that might be a little confusing for people.