Superb & Free Mobile Scanner App to install in 2023!

We have been using an HP printer, copier, and scanner up until this point, but the results have never been satisfactory. Typically, a scan takes several minutes, is accompanied by a variety of Willy Wonka noises from the machine, and almost always isn’t perfectly aligned so that I have to edit it before using it.

But then I came across a marvelous mobile scanner app on my smartphone – QuickScan Document Scanner App. Along with being superb it is free to install from App Store and Play Store

Mobile scanner apps are one of the clearest illustrations of why smartphones are the Swiss Army knives of the digital age.

Best Mobile Scanner App: QuickScan

The QuickScan document scanning app uses the camera on your phone to scan and extract text from almost any paper, as well as whiteboards, books, and more, while automatically adjusting for distortion and skew.

This mobile scanner app has outstanding text-recognition abilities, is easy to operate, and produces gorgeous scan quality.

Compatible with all iPhones and iPads and Android phone versions, it produces great-looking scans and excellent OCR results.

Features of QuickScan Mobile Scanner App

Below, we have summed up some of the outstanding features that this mobile scanner app holds:

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Using optical character recognition, text from handwritten, typed, or printed PDFs is transformed into images. OCR technology is used by the QuickScan PDF scanner to capture 100% correct text. To extract text and characters from scanned PDF documents, use OCR Online.

Additionally, you will be able to support multi-page documents, images, and photographs taken with a digital camera. The layout and format of any JPG, PDF, or PNG picture can be preserved when converted to text.

Instant Capture

With the help of the free mobile scanning app QuickScan, you can use your device as a multi-page or portable scanner with a variety of useful features. Scan business cards, receipts, and notes using Instant Capture. The pages can also be rotated and rearranged. QuickScan’s high-quality PDF and JPG scans make scanning simple.

Collaboration tool

A richer collaborative experience is a guarantee by the QuickScan Scanner application. The app’s ability to incorporate the QR code is its best feature. It will be simpler to use the app to fix mistakes. Using automatic scanning, the app will also direct you through the procedure. Access to various export choices and high-resolution scans will be available.

Organize, Access docs

Not only scan but also archive documents with QuickScan App. You may tag them and organise them using the search to discover the files you need quickly. Safely back up and sync your scans once forever.

Modify, Enhance  scanned documents

The idea of being able to carry complete offices in their pockets excites people. It will be simple to store paper documents as digital files with the Scanner app.

Portable document formats are available for all files. Convert Paper-based documents into JPG or PDF files using this free scanner program. The finest scanner app enables you to quickly scan the pages and produce digital copies. With the scanning software, you may upload the photographs right to Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Drive. High standards of data security is a promise.

Mobile Scanner App

In addition to the aforementioned functions, the scanning app QuickScan also allows multiple page scans, annotation, electronic signatures and stamping on scanned documents, password-protected documents, smart remaining scanned files, etc.

Advantages of QuickScan App

  • Simple to use document scanning software
  • Lightweight software
  • Scanned documents are simple to distribute via iCloud, Drive, Email, Messages, etc
  • Easy access of Documents in the cloud from anywhere in the globe.
  • Optimized for high-quality scanned outputs.
  • In-app document editing
  • a quick document scanner

The app is totally free to install. No incurrence of app fee. Some of the premium features, however, are only available to subscribers.

QuickScan is a user-friendly online document scanner that will help you become paperless in your office.


QuickScan is the most suggested option if you have access to the most sophisticated, quick document scanner or one of the quick scanning program.