Top Email Email Services Without Phone Number 2021?

In this short article, we will see some email services where we can create email that doesn’t require phone number and how you can make an email account on them.



Gmail is one of the most using email platform across the world, which can undoubtedly create email without phone number in a few steps. Following are the means that are to be followed for making an account:


Open your internet browser and go to the Google Account creation page. 

There you need to tap on the Create Account choice. 

A structure will show up for your overall information, for example, your username, name, and secret phrase. Make sure to enter a special username (email address) that has not yet been alloted. If not, you will keep on getting blunders and record creation won’t proceed. 

Snap the Next button. 

In the following structure, you should enter your date of birth, gender, and email address for recuperation and telephone number. The later ones are both discretionary and can be left immaculate. 

Snap the Next button. 

Acknowledge the Gmail Terms of Service. 

Also, presently your free email that doesn’t need a telephone number is prepared. 


Following are the steps to create emails that don’t require a phone number by using Protonmail:

To begin with, open your program and visit the ProtonMail login page. 

At the point when you go to the page, you should choose the free program by tapping on the “Free” tab. 

Snap the “Select Free Program” button. 

Presently make your one-of-a-kind username (email address) and secret word for that email. 

As a choice, you can likewise add the recuperation email. 

Snap the “Make Account” button to get everything rolling with Protonmail.


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