Type of Ultraviolet Light Most Effective at Killing COVID Is Also the Safest to Use Around People

Counting the uses for UV light, it includes a broad range of applications in commercial, industrial, and healthcare industries. Ultraviolet (UV) light is separated into three basic categories of UVA, UVB, and UVC based on the wavelength of UV emissions which is measured in nanometers.  UVC light is the shortest wavelength that is emitted by the sun and It is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer.

Uses of UV

UV technology allows the lighting engineers to replicate UVC radiation which can provide highly effective disinfection properties as scientists have long known that ultraviolet light can kill pathogens on surfaces and in air and water. UV lamps are well known for germicidal effectiveness in various applications along with a host of various other purposes and used in a wide range of industries around the world. Some of the most common uses of UV light include:

  • Illumination

offers an energy-efficient source of bright light in many industries such as manufacturing, which require an environment that is well-lit.

  • Lighted sign

Used in light signs that are required for various purposes like illuminating emergency exits in public places and for marketing and brand awareness purposes.

  • Backlighting

provide backlighting to the avionics and aerospace industry, as it provides reliable lighting in airplane cabins and cockpits.

  • UV curing

Mainly used in many manufacturing applications, UV lamps for curing of inks, coatings, and ends provide a strengthened outer coat for UV lighter coating.

  • Tanning

The core technology used in salons for tanning, that it offers clients a way to enjoy a sun-kissed look from man-made technology keeping in mind the safety.

  • Phototherapy

Known to provide many medical benefits for skin conditions such as acne, jaundice, psoriasis, eczema, and other conditions like seasonal depression.

  • Germicidal

These lamps are designed to replicate UVC radiation, proven to have immense sterilization and disinfection properties.

How Are Sterilization Lamps Effective Against Germs?

Sterilization lamps are based on the features of having a UV Light and the effectiveness of lights are categorized by wavelengths, that is the distance between peaks of a wave of light, which is measured in nanometers.

Different wavelengths of UV light are famous for their property of inactivating viruses, depending on how well the wavelengths are absorbed by the virus’s DNA or RNA. As the UV light gets absorbed, photons of light transfer their energy to damage the chemical bonds of the genetic material of viruses. The virus is then unable to replicate or cause an infection any further.

Moreover, it depends upon the dose of light and the time it is exposed for as well. Light can vary in intensity; bright light is more intense and energetic when it is compared to dim light. Being exposed to bright light for a short time can produce the same UV dose as being exposed to dim light for a longer period, one must need to know the right dose that can kill a virus particle at each UV wavelength.

Benefits & Uses?

UV-based sterilization lamps are based on advanced technology that provides various health benefits. Top sterilization lamps manufacturers around the world are helping in providing the best equipment to kill germs. Their benefits and Uses are:

Air treatments
  1. Effective for ventilation ducts are accumulated germs
  2. Aids to the wellness of people with respiratory difficulties such as allergies, asthma.
  3. Maintains the air clean of bacteria, viruses, fungi
  4. Reduces costs of energy and maintenance.
  5. At home, apartments, pensions, also in the industry: factories, stores.
  6. elimination of a great number of insects
  7. Hotels, restaurants, commerce, schools, supermarkets, cinemas, theaters.
  8. In animal farms and veterinary clinics where birds, mammals, or reptiles can contract diseases.
  1. Surfaces in bakeries, pastry shops, food cure, fridge chambers, packaging, bottling, catering
  2. In hospitals and healthcare centers, UV sterilization lamps are useful in eliminating microbes that can come from sanitary problems
  3. At research labs and investigation centers the works with substances or materials sensitives of being infected.
Water and liquids
  1. The ultraviolet radiation destroys algae and fungi avoiding its expansion and therefore avoiding the pollution of the liquids.
  2. Can be used in pools, water tanks, conductions of fluids, wells, deposits.
  3. In aquatic habitat to avoid the pollution and diseases in fishes and plants
  4. Aquariums, fish farms, ponds, zoos.