Why Does My App Keep Closing When I Open It?

Everyone at least once a while using your device, would have any apps made to shut down forcibly. Few tips when you say, my Gmail app keeps crashing often. Crashing is common and it is not something that you need to consider a big issue and not solve those issues. Instead you yourself can read the methods that are given below and fix it by yourself. First we will look at why the app is closing or crashing? This doesn’t even allow users to open that app. Follow all the any one step and see, if it does not work try the next step.

  • First step you will have to do immediately when you face such an error is just clear your storage. For that first go to your phone’s settings, tap on the apps and notifications and then click on the apps. So among those apps, tap the app which is giving you trouble. For instance, if you say that your Gmail keeps stopping then click on your Gmail app. Tap on its storage and clear the storage and finally click ok.
  • Next try to update your device’s software. Go to settings and in the search bar type software update or system update ( note that this differs according to your device model). Check any updates are available.
  • Update that specific app in your store. Even if you are not updating the latest version, your app may crash. So go to the play store and in the search bar type the app that is crashing and check whether any update is available. If you see any update, click on the update.
  • Try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. It can also help your app stop crashing.

If you can’t find solution even after doing all this methods, contact emailspedia it is platform to give you any kind of technical help.