7 WordPress Security Plugins to Keep Your Website Safe

Simply considering how much it would cost to create a WordPress website, in the beginning, should be enough to convince you to safeguard it right away. Threats like hacking, malware, backdoor attacks, and SEO spam are just examples of online dangers just waiting to exploit your server, visitor data, and website infrastructure against you. Although WordPress is one of the best cms for websites, still there are some security issues you need to concern.

It is because there are hackers out there to hinder your personal data and ruin your website’s reputation. If your site is not secure, the security threats, your future income, the trust of your customers, and the stability of your entire site are in danger. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the finest security plugins for WordPress to ensure that no one can access it.

These plugins provide an additional layer of protection for a website, just like an alarm system would do for a physical location. You won’t be able to finance this exciting new purchase without a significant emergency fund, money set aside for the inspection fees, and a mortgage. When dealing with such a high monetary value, wouldn’t you want to provide it with the best protection possible? This is the question that we are going to attempt to address here!

Best WordPress Security Plugins

We are well aware that a powerful yet extraordinarily feature-rich security plugin is necessary to secure your website from hackers or unwanted entrance. Whether you are building a WooCommerce site with the help of wooCommerce development services or simply creating a WordPress site for your business, you need to secure your website. Because hackers, today may quickly breach even the most secure of websites. That’s why it’s crucial that you set up a solid WordPress security plugin right away. So, to help you choose the finest WordPress security plugin for your needs, let’s get some real ideas about some of the top-listed plugins.

1. Sucuri

When it comes to protecting WordPress installations, no one does it better than Sucuri. It’s a top-tier plugin for WordPress security. Free of charge, you may get started with Sucuri Security, a plugin that will help you strengthen WordPress security and check your site for common vulnerabilities. The finest firewall security for WordPress is included in the subscription plans, which is where the true value lies. Use a firewall to prevent brute force and other malicious attempts on your WordPress installation.

Before it even reaches your server, Sucuri’s website firewall blocks all malicious traffic. They use their own content delivery network (CDN) to offer static material. In addition to keeping your data safe, their DNS-level firewall with CDN will dramatically improve your site’s speed and performance. More significantly, they will clean up your WordPress site if it is infected with malware at no extra expense to you. A website that has already been compromised by malware can be brought to them, and they will fix it.

2. iThemes Security

Since its inception, iThemes Security has been widely regarded as the premier WordPress security plugin developed by the company’s dedicated team of security professionals. Using this plugin will provide you peace of mind knowing that your WordPress site is safe from any potential security risks. Even if you’ve never used a computer before, you’ll have no trouble learning how to use it. To prevent your website from being compromised by malicious software, hacking, and other vulnerabilities, you can install this plugin.

As a result, it becomes practically hard for cybercriminals to compromise your WordPress site. The plugin’s primary functions include brute force defense, file change monitoring, 404 error reporting, strict password enforcement, and database backups. Additional top-notch safeguards are also included in the plugin. Moreover, if a threat has been detected, you will receive an email immediately so that you may begin fixing the problem.

3. Wordfence

Wordfence is a widely used plugin to keep WordPress safe. Their free plugin version includes an effective malware scanner, exploit detection, and threat assessment tools. The plugin will quickly scan your website for common dangers, and you can always initiate a thorough scan manually. If a security problem is found, you will be notified and given information on how to fix it. As a bonus, Wordfence includes a firewall for WordPress. Still, your server’s firewall activates shortly before WordPress is loaded. A DNS-level firewall, such as Sucuri’s, is more effective for this exact reason.

The plugin provides daily notifications, live monitoring, automated blocking rules, and security enhancement recommendations. It aids in keeping an eye on the security of your WordPress files and doing virus checks. With zero dollars or cents exchanged. Additional security plugins also include scanning features that remove malware and fortify weak spots. However, WordFence differentiates itself by providing free maintenance checks for your website. Especially with the paid add-ons, WordFence becomes a top-tier solution for maintaining site security.

4. Anti-Malware Security

When protecting your WordPress site from malicious software, there is no better option than Anti-Malware Security. The plugin actively maintains definitions that help it find the most frequent threats. Its malware scanner allows you to quickly scan all files and directories on your WordPress site for dangerous code, backdoors, malware, and other known patterns of malicious assaults.

To acquire the most up-to-date definitions and advanced access features like brute-force protection, you’ll need to sign up for a free account on the plugin’s website. Furthermore, the plugin can check for newer definitions by contacting the plugin’s developers directly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of false positives even though the plugin does extensive testing. Matching each one with the source file is quite a lot of work.

5. All-In-One WP Security

There is no need to look any further than All in One WordPress Security if you want to audit, monitor, and firewall your WordPress installation. It makes it much easier to adopt some of the core principles of WordPress security on your website. Login locks to prevent attacks using brute force, IP filtering, file integrity monitoring, user account scanning, database injection pattern detection, and several more features are all included in this package. 

There is also a firewall that is integrated, which has the potential to recognize potentially harmful behaviors on your website and immediately halt them. On the other hand, it is not very successful, and you will frequently need to manually add IP addresses suspected of being malicious to a blocklist.

6. WPScan Security

WPScan is one of the few WordPress security plugins that stand out from the crowd since it utilizes a vulnerability database that is hand-picked and carefully updated daily by WordPress security professionals and community members. They look for more than 21,000 known vulnerabilities in the core software of WordPress, as well as its plugins, themes, and other add-ons. You can schedule routine daily scans and will receive email notifications of any discoveries. If you have a more complicated configuration or use a lot of plugins, you should choose their membership plan because their free security API will be suitable for your website in most cases.

7. MalCare Security

Thousands of developers and agencies agree that MalCare is the best malware detection and removal plugin. With the first-of-its-kind automatic one-click malware removal, your WordPress site will be clean before Google blocks it or your web host shuts it down. MalCare was built from the ground up after researchers analyzed over 240,000 websites for 2.5+ years.

While other popular WordPress security plugins may slow down your site during a scan, this one will always identify even the most intricate malware. Websites are protected around the clock from spam attacks thanks to the built-in, robust cloud-based firewall and the one-click malware cleaning. And if you want to protect yourself against hackers in specific countries, you can do that, too.

Final Words

Now that you know which are the finest WordPress security plugins for your website, the next step is making the appropriate decisions on what solutions to utilize. Consider your needs, discover what each solution is giving, and test them out. Keep in mind the significance of data security for both your website and its visitors. A WooCommerce development company can assist you in implementing the WordPress plugin in order to build a trustworthy website for your business.