Data Entry from Home, 5 Software for Smart Working

The data entry job was one of the most sought after of the year. At the time, the debut of electronic invoicing was complicit, which involved enormous updating of dematerialized data for many companies. Today, the “relocation” in smart working or as a freelancer of many professions could be complicit, due to Covid-19 restrictions: the data entry profession from home, therefore, could be an excellent professional outlet. Let’s find out how to work from home and with which tools of the trade.

Work data entry from home: is it possible and how?
Many jobs, and the freelancers who follow our blog Videoanimation know this, are possible from home as long as you have the right professionalism, the right organization and the right tools of the trade. Even the data entry work – technically the work of entering data into a computer system for their digitization – can be safely carried out from one’s home, upon agreement with the client or with the employer.
The work of inserting or transferring data from a paper support to a digital one is mainly carried out “by hand” and optimized by the use of specific software. The amount and complexity of the work, of course, depend on the business model of your client company and on how much “backlog” there is to do to digitize all the data, archiving the paper.

If you have trained as a data entry or are thinking of directing yourself to data entry work from home, clarify with your clients the type (and amount) of work required. This is information that will allow you to better organize time, space and to prepare the right professional tools you may need to complete the assignment. If you are a freelance , you will have to take care of the software you will need (almost always so) , if instead you are an employee placed in smart working by the company, the latter should provide you with everything you need, even in terms of licenses (in case of use of paid programs).
Together with the client, also establish a timetable , to facilitate the work, especially if it is long and – in the agreement – indicate the dates of delivery of the work (if staggered) and the relative advances on the final remuneration . In short, before starting, especially if the assignment is long-term, put everything in black and white.

Data entry at home, increasingly requested by companies?
Let’s say that data entry work (from home or not) is essential for many types of companies. All companies have to deal with “data” that must be cataloged and uploaded to company IT systems, organized or digitized.

Customer data
Accounting records
Warehouse data
E-commerce (product sheets, prices, etc.)
Catering sector

These are roughly the data you will need to take care of, so the answer to the title is: yes, data entry work is always required by companies and many of them employ professionals who work at home, in outsourcing. This allows the company not to overload its internal staff and to commission a freelance professional to carry out the data entry, with accuracy and without huge investments.
The 5 best software for data entry in smart working

The dematerialization of existing data and the insertion of new (digital) acquired data into company software is the job of data entry. Whether you are a freelancer or an employee of the smart working sector, here are the software that can help you work better, optimize time, and reduce possible typos.
Based on the type of work you have been asked to do (data tagging, data annotation, data capture, and data transcription) here are some of the best data entry software recommended on the web. (The ranking is not in chronological order, but an overview of the best management software for the 2020 data entry).

1) Ninox
Allows data collection, data analysis, and the possibility of multi-user work. Ninox is among the best data entry software on the market for small and medium-sized businesses.

2) Speedbase Pro
It allows the loading, saving and organization of even secure data on a dedicated PC, can work online, offline, on a dedicated intranet or via an existing SQL server

3) Array
It allows data collection even offline, to improve data collection even in the field. A simple interface and many advanced features, useful for optimizing data entry work

4) AutoEntry
Optimized for accounting data acquisition, it saves time thanks to the automation processes it has for archiving or extracting invoices, expenses, receipts and statements

Cloud-based solution that helps companies helps companies of all sizes to collect data, create forms even via tablets and smartphones. Key features include question branching, collaboration, version control, text editing, form submission and routing, duplicate detection, and more.

All these software for data entry are paid, but of course, there are also free or open-source resources on the net. Choose the program that best suits your needs and the technical specifications of your operating system, also taking advantage of the free trials of paid tools.