How to Create a WordPress Website Without Coding

In today’s world, everything is going online, whether it’s ordering food, booking a cab, or shopping. The online presence of your business helps it grow faster & reach a larger consumer base.

A website can help you set up your business on the internet effectively. You might think that creating a website is complex & involves a lot of coding. Well! It’s true. But what if I say, that you can create a great website on your own with zero knowledge of coding?

Want to know how? That’s what we are going to discuss in this blog. In addition to that, we are also going to give you some tips on speed optimization & security of your WordPress Website. So, sit back relax & read this blog till the end.

Steps to Create WordPress Websites

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is a free website builder tool that allows any individual or business to build and manage their website without any knowledge of coding. It is open-source software whose code is available to the general public for use or modification from its original design.

A WordPress website can be set up & running within 5 to 10 mins, in addition, it is loaded with fancy themes that you can apply to your website to enhance its appearance. Let’s not delay further & move on to the steps to Create a Professional Website Without Coding Using WordPress.

Basics Required to Build a Website 

  • Your WordPress accounts
  • Domain name: It is the name of your website based on your business name.
  • Install WordPress hosting: It is the place where the website files will be stored.
  • Most important: Your time & dedication.

Log in and Install WordPress

WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems (CMS) to install. There are several ways to install WordPress, but the most common way is to upload your files via FTP.

First, you have to visit the official WordPress website & register yourself as a user.

After successful registration, you will be able to log in to your account. After uploading files to your server, you can manage your site from the WordPress dashboard. Now you can easily get ahead & explore features to build your website.

Search & Register Your Domain Name

First of all, you have to select a domain name for your website. You can purchase a custom or premium domain name for your website through WordPress or any other domain provider. If you don’t want to spend or not having the budget for a domain then WordPress has got your back.

WordPress provides you with a free subdomain name. It means if you select ‘’fit heads” as a domain name then the complete URL of your website will be

It is one of the crucial steps because your domain name will allow search engines & your consumers to find your website easily on the internet. So always try to get a relevant domain name according to your business or the services you offer.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting will store all the files from your website & make it accessible on the internet. WordPress provides various hosting plans both free & paid. You can choose the one that fulfills your requirements & fits your budget.

Install A WordPress Theme

A good theme on your website works the same way an outfit does to your appearance. Downloading responsive Premium WordPress themes majorly affects your site’s performance & appearance. WordPress avails you of various free & paid themes which you can download & apply to your website in minutes. After you have purchased a theme, you can visit the theme settings, upload it & customize it according to your preference. Activation of the theme needs to be done after uploading to make it go live.

Continue Website Customization

Finally! We have created a website with a decent look. But it’s still missing some personalization & content according to your business.

Add content to your website in the form of blogs or videos, products & landing pages. Try your hands on various plugins offered by WordPress. The point is to keep updating your website so it can appeal to your consumers & benefit your business.

In this way, you can create multiple WordPress Websites without typing a single line code. Now let’s get ahead with the most important part, which is the security & speed optimization of your website.

Work on WordPress Speed Optimization

If you want to get the most out of WordPress, then you’re going to want your site to load fast. This will help keep visitors on your site and also boost SEO. In following points will talk about how to optimize WordPress for speed.

  • Use a well-optimized & responsive WordPress theme for your website.
  • Keep your WordPress always updated to the latest version.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins & functionalities from your website.
  • Optimize the size of images & other media from your site to reduce the loading time.
  • Install faster plugins for your WP website because it majorly affects the speed of your site. Make sure to do a WordPress SEO Plugins Comparison while choosing the best from various available options.

Complete WordPress Security Guide:

  • Use a strong & secure password for your WordPress admin panel.
  • Install WordPress Security plugins to encrypt & secure your essential data.
  • Activate two-factor authentication to prevent & keep track of unauthorized login attempts.
  • Avoid the use of pirated free themes on your website instead always go for free themes listed on the official WordPress website.
  • Keep your WordPress updated to get rid of all bugs & security issues.

So, these are the Solutions for Common WordPress Vulnerabilities to secure your website. Now you are ready with a well-optimized & secure website to promote your business & services online.


WordPress is a great platform that offers you to create a professional website without prior knowledge of coding. Make sure you also keep in mind all the security factors we discussed in this blog to secure your WordPress website. Now, what are you waiting for? Log on to WordPress & start your journey toward creating a professional website without coding.